Although independent publishing may seem like an intimidating prospect, it comes with a number of benefits which can result in more money and more success. With the right strategies in play, independent publishing can be an extremely successful endeavor.

1. No Publisher/Agent Royalties

For a traditional publishing industry to take any notice of an author, an agent is necessary. Agents cost money, and usually take a portion of the royalties earned from the novel. Not only that, but ownership of the novel often gets blurred, and you”ll likely lose some creative license. Publishing companies aren”t so kind either. Some will reject a novel solely because they don”t recognize the author. Others have solid ideas of what will sell and what won”t, and won”t accept anything they don”t think is sellable.

If you do find an agent and get accepted by a publishing company, rarely are large advances paid to small-time authors. Instead, expect a royalty. Most publishers pay royalties of up to 25%. After these royalties are paid, you”ll need to dole out a portion of them to make sure your agent receives payment. This results in the publisher is receiving most of the income from your novel, with the agent receiving yet another portion of it.

2. More Money

As mentioned before, author royalties are relatively low, and small authors rarely ever receive any Jouer sur une machine a sous gratuite est le meilleur moyen de seentraener, sans risquer son propre argent. kind of sizable upfront cash payment. With independent publishing, however, the author often receives at least 85% royalties.

3. Control Distribution and Publication

The fact of the matter is, with independent publishing, the control is in your hands. As Jason Hartman says in regards to real estate investment, you should never relinquish control to someone else. By having control, it”s possible to make the decisions about print formatting, an extremely important aspect of publishing which can directly affect how well the novel sells. Book covers, print font, book layout and more can all be controlled by the writer.

Another factor to consider is the author will also have full control over distribution. Publishing houses have large numbers of books to consider, and won”t always distribute your novel to the markets where they”ll sell best. With distribution in your hands, you can guarantee the novel gets distributed in places where it will sell.

Take a close look at independent publishing to see if it”s the right choice for you. With the way the publishing industry is today, it may be the best choice for most modern authors. (Top Image: Flickr | Erichhh)

The Speaking of Wealth Team