Self motivation can be challenging, because no one feels motivated all the time. We all know how it feels to be unmotivated at one point or another. However, there are ways to fight past these slow periods in life, rather than succumbing to them. Here are some self motivation tips to jumpstart your career.

Focus on Your Goal

Focusing on goals goes hand in hand with creating goals. If you have yet to think of any, it might be time to create some. This can be done by figuring out what you feel passionate about. Focus on a cause. Decide what your dream is. Is there an ultimate goal you eventually want to reach? Jason Hartman’s was success in income property investment. If there is one, create a series of smaller goals which will eventually lead to it. Once these are planned out, focus on them, and take it one step at a time.

Do Things You Enjoy

Though this tip is often easier said than done, generally focusing your life and goals around doing things which are enjoyable can work wonders to create motivation. It’s so much easier to feel motivated about a task when it’s enjoyable. Consider adjusting your work, goals, and commitments to recognize things you enjoy, love, and feel passionate about.

Reward Yourself

A reward after every time you finish a task can be a fantastic technique. It doesn’t really matter what the reward is, so long as it’s something enjoyable. The larger the task completed, the larger the reward. The reward can be as small as a cup of coffee, or as large as a weekend getaway. Regardless, if you look forward to that reward, work time will become more productive.

Create Deadlines

Deadlines work better for some people than others, but for procrastinators they’re particularly important. With the right techniques, it’s possible to create a deadline for a certain task, mark it on the calendar, and keep the calendar clear until the deadline has passed. This will allow plenty of time to complete the tasks without having to worry about interfering projects.

Now you have some ideas to get motivated, and you can begin to create some ideas of your own. If you have any motivation tips which aren’t listed in this article, feel free to tell us in the comments. (Top Image: Flickr | Qisur)

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