E-books have become extremely popular. You may be thinking of taking advantage of this popular market by publishing your own e-book on Kindle, but first it’s important to know how to make it successful. Here are some Kindle success tips to get started.

1. Well-Written, Well-Formatted, and Professional

Having a Kindle book ready isn’t all it takes. Not only does your book need to have well-written, beneficial content, but it needs to be thoroughly edited and formatted in a pleasing way. The cover design is almost as important. In order to attract readers, it has to make them stop and look. This includes the title and the overall design of the cover.

Next, think about the description of the novel. It should have a strong hook, but it should also be scannable, because the first thing a potential reader is going to do is scan it. Make the description exciting and readable, and capture the reader’s attention, because the reader is likely to make a final decision based off of it.

2. Use Competitive Pricing

If your book is going to be successful in a market with over 800,000 books available, it’s important to have reasonable and competitive pricing. Jason Hartman agrees with many experts who generally recommend authors never go over $2.99 for the listed price, and typically shouldn’t go any lower. The low asking price has to do with the fact that many online readers believe they shouldn’t have to pay the cost of a print book for an e-book, when there are no printing costs involved.

3. Know Your Readers

Get to know the readers in your niche and on the kindle market to find the best way to target them. First, think about the process of buying an e-book. When readers go into a bookstore to buy a traditional book, they usually go in to buy a specific book, browse books which are on display, or browse their favorite genre to see if anything sticks out. The Kindle store is a similar venture, your book has to stand out among thousands.

A good way to start is by figuring out where online your target Kindle readers like to hang out. Go to those places and see what’s being said. Join any forums regarding your topic and be active. A personalized signature linking back to your book on these websites can even act as a promotional tool.

4. Be Ready

Your book should be completely ready for Kindle before you upload it and begin promoting. This means reviews and press releases should be ready to launch beforehand. There are many professional blogs and websites who are willing to review e-books, some of them willing to post their review on Amazon.

Are there any Kindle success tips not listed here you’ve taken advantage of? Feel free to tell us in the comments. (Top Image: Flickr | Kodomut)

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