Though Facebook can be a fantastic social media tool to drive traffic to your content, it’s nearly useless if it’s not used to properly engage the audience. Why is engagement so important? A fan who’s engaged in what a brand has to offer will be more interested in sticking around, sharing new content, and interacting. This can only expand the audience to create a larger fanbase. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Start Conversation

People like comments, debates, and conversations, so if you can find ways to stir up and encourage conversation on your page, more people will stick around. Even if it’s just to read the comments. Start conversation by sharing interesting or controversial content, or by simply asking for opinions on a certain issue related to your niche. Whenever there’s an opportunity, participate in the conversation.

2. Make it Easy

Most fans won’t be interested in engaging with your content if they have to go through a series of complicated steps to do it. So, make it as easy as possible for the fans to engage. Provide every tool available at their disposal to make the process an easy one.

3. Be Yourself

This is especially important if you’re promoting a business or a brand. People like to know they’re communicating with a real human being. They like to see personality. So, be honest and authentic with everything you post, and avoid using automated services which can make Facebook posts seem robotic and impersonal.

4. Make Your Page Engaging

A good Facebook page shouldn’t just be designed for a brand, it should be designed for the fans. Streamline the design of your Facebook page to welcome any and all visitors, and encourage interaction. Most promotional stuff can be saved for your personal website, which you can and should link to within the Facebook page.

5. Have Variety

By posting a variety of things, it’s possible to further engage the audience. The average fan might become bored if you’re always posting the same kind of content. Jason Hartman believes in repurposing content for a reason; different types of content appeal to different types of people. So by sharing a variety of links, pictures, videos, and more, you’ll not only keep fans from getting bored, but start appealing to brand new fans who might prefer a different type of content.

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