To improve writing, it can be good to know some of the inherent traits of good writers. Here are 5 great writing traits.

1. Make the Point Clear

Good writers make a clear point in their work. Readers shouldn’t have to ask themselves what the point is unless the piece of writing is meant to be thought provoking. This is particularly true in instructional or educational pieces like “how to” articles. For non-fiction and online writing it’s important to choose a niche. If a writer is going to run a blog, the blog will need to have a clear point or subject matter to reach the right crowd.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Express Ideas

A writer who is afraid to express ideas will never have anything to write about. Even if the idea seems crazy, take a chance and put it out there. If a writer won’t push the envelope and stretch the boundaries now and then, there’s no way to understand what’s revolutionary and what might be going too far.

3. Ability to Engage the Reader

Jason Hartman knows the importance of engaging the reader, and the best writers have this skill set. With time and practice, a writer can develop an effective writing style and a focused point to his or her endeavors. Once developed, these tools naturally engage readers in what the writer has to say.

Keep in mind, creating the content is only one part of the process. To bring truly amazing content to the readers, it’s important to deliver the whole package. Identify the audience and pinpoint their needs and wants to truly connect with them. Try to analyze what the readers are going through and address that in your writing.

4. Good Grammar

Without good English, grammar, and spelling, a piece of content can become difficult to absorb. Luckily, it’s not the end of the world if grammar and spelling aren’t perfect. Improve on these areas and readers will appreciate you for it.

5. Writing is Influential

Influential writing is a signature of the best writers. It only takes one powerful point, whether it be in the fiction or non-fiction world, to set the stage for success. Exceptional writing has an innate ability to challenge the reader to think deeply about their own lives and the world around them.

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