Holidays are a busy time, and a great opportunity for content marketers. A large majority of the population researches products before buying them, and if they don’t do that, they research holiday techniques and more to improve their holiday experience. Here are 5 types of great holiday content to boost your following.

1. Highly Visual Content

Pinterest is rising in popularity, and grows even more popular during the holiday season. The emergence of this rising social media site shows the importance of images and how much more likely followers are to engage and share content with images. Furthermore, recent studies show roughly 60% of Pinterest’s users purchase items they see on Pinterest, so if you use content to promote a product, Pinterest is a good place to build a following, especially before the holidays.

2. Content Following Current Events

Shoppers, particularly during the holiday, like to be part of the next big thing. Find ways to create content about “cutting-edge” news related to the holiday. This will meet search queries, and send your content shooting to the top of search results.

3. Smart Phone Friendly Content

According to Email Marketing Reports, about 54.9% of mobile phone users in the U.S. own a smartphone in 2012. Many of these users take advantage of their smart phones for shopping and traveling during the holiday season. Keep this in mind when designing professional websites, any form of content, e-mail newsletters, and promotional pages. Everything should be formatted to show up on a smart phone without any issues for the customer.

4. Build Confidence with Your Content

Content to inspire people during the holidays needs to build confidence. It’s not only about telling a fantastic story. Followers need to feel both emotionally and intellectually stronger. The process of building confidence will vary with every brand, but the customer will have to be comfortable with the brand in order for you to benefit from the holiday.

5. Repurpose Content

Jason Hartman is a big proponent of repurposing content, and during the holiday it becomes even more important. Repurposing content saves time, and can bring in a larger audience if the quality is high. By quickly turning out quality content, even if it has the same message, it’s possible to reach a whole new audience and keep your marketing process in high gear. How can you go about this repurposing mission? Create helpful slide shows from blog posts; turn blog posts into podcasts and vice versa; create infographics. The options are almost endless.

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The Speaking of Wealth Team