Blogging and podcasting can become competitive regardless of the topic. For this reason, it’s a good idea to become an expert in your niche. Keep reading to learn how.

Be Passionate

Jason Hartman knows that when it’s time to choose a niche, it’s important to choose something you feel passionate about. At the very least, you should have some interest in it. A niche should have value to you and your followers. Ideally, you’ll start with some knowledge about the subject and enjoy telling others about it. Researching the subject should be enjoyable and talking or writing about it should be exciting.

Use Knowledge and Experience to Your Advantage

If people often go to you for advice on a topic, chances are you’re already one step of the way on your journey to becoming an expert. Topics will come easier if you already have knowledge in a niche. It’s possible to tap that knowledge to come up with sensational topics and share information with others.

Value your experiences. Experience shapes who we are and likely has some influence on your chosen niche. Sometimes you can add more impact to a piece of content by sharing relevant experiences with the audience. This can also help people connect with you.


Don’t be afraid to become mildly obsessed with your chosen niche. Read everything available on the subject and try to practice what you learn. Spend a few hours per day researching your niche to find as much information pertaining to it as possible.

Start a Blog or Podcast

Starting a blog or a podcast on a chosen subject will not only help build credibility in a niche, but will also help you learn the subject. Coming up with regular topics can force you to become an expert in a niche. It gives people a reliable place to go to absorb your message.

Build Connections

Building friends and making connections with people online in a similar niche will help build credibility and provide reliable resources. Make connections by finding others with similar interests, following them on social networks, and contributing comments to blog posts and status updates.

Pay attention to what these people post to figure out which ones you can relate to the most. Try to develop an organic relationship with them by contributing a guest post to their blog (if they have one), or sending them a tweet to let them know how much you enjoyed their latest piece of content. Be as honest and genuine as possible.

Would you like to become and expert, but you’re not sure about your niche? Read Choosing a Niche Market for Your Podcast to learn how. (Top Image: Flickr | o5com)

The Speaking of Wealth Team