Twitter is a powerful podcasting tool. With it, you can build an audience, find new listeners, and even help those listeners share content with other people. Here are some ways you can use Twitter to improve your podcast following.

1. Brand Yourself on Twitter

In “Build the Best Brand for Your Content,” we discussed the importance of branding and niches to raise credibility for content. On Twitter, the concept is no different. It’s important to identify your brand and reach out to your audience on Twitter. For this reason, it’s best to only tweet and follow within the “themes” of your brand to encourage a niche following.

2. Encourage Retweets

To help your tweets reach a wide audience, it’s important to encourage retweets and find ways to get retweeted. According to Dan Zarella’s Retweet Data, here are some of the best ways to get retweets:

Tweet during afternoons, evenings, and weekends, especially on Friday after 3pm.

Ask for retweets, using the abbreviation “RT” for the best results.

Keep each tweet in between 120 and 130 characters.

Include a link in each tweet.

Include the words “please” and “you” in most tweets.

Use Tinyurl URL shortener to shorten all links.

3. Tweet Tips

To bring more followers to your podcast via twitter, it’s a good strategy to tweet about each podcast on multiple occasions. To successfully accomplish this, it’s best to vary tweets in some way or another. This will prevent followers from getting bored or accusing you of tweeting repeat content.

To do this, try breaking up the podcast you want to tweet about into a series of tips. Tweet a new tip each day or every other day and include a link to the podcast being promoted. This will prevent Twitter followers from getting bored, and encourage anyone who’s missed any previous tweets to pay the podcast a visit.

4. Find Your Audience

Jason Hartman believes that with every niche, there’s a target audience. On Twitter, it’s important to search for members of a target audience and get to know them. This can be accomplished with tools like TweetDeck or Twitter Search to find people who will like your content. Be sure not to spam these people. Instead, reach out and try to create an organic relationship.

5. Use Tweet Buttons

Posting tweet buttons on your site and podcast will make it easy for listeners to tweet about it. There are official Twitter buttons available to post on the site, and numerous social sharing services and plug-ins available for use. Buttons will make it easy for users to share content on any social networking site, so try to include a variety.

Another way to get listeners to spread your podcast on Twitter is by including a call to action at the end of it. Read “5 Effective PodcastCalls to Action” to learn how. (Top Image: Flickr | SteveGarfield)

The Speaking of Wealth Team