publishing modelWe can’t hide the fact that we’re still enamored with the possibilities inherent in the publishing model slowly unfolding in the world today. Or perhaps slowly isn’t the word. The rapid assimilation of devices like the Amazon’s ebook reader Kindle and Apple’s wunderkind iPad are finally proving out what techno-pundits have pondered for years – no, the world is not adverse to consuming information like books, magazines, and newspapers in a digital format. We were all simply waiting for the confluence of events and inventions.

For maximum readership in today’s world, speakers, consultants, and publishers should pay strict attention to the new publishing model such as the one exhibited by mainstream fiction writer J.A. Konrath, who has taken a successful line of traditionally published books and learned how to make a killing selling them himself as ebooks.

No matter within which stage of the career building process you currently reside, at some point you’re going to want to get your message out in a big way. Lucky for you the Internet publishing model came along. Certainly Konrath has the advantage of name recognition through multiple publishings, and a 20,000+ strong newsletter readership doesn’t hurt but let’s not get bogged down in details. Instead, pay attention to what he did and how he did it. The down and dirty marketing details of the process involved with moving his latest novel, Draculas, from zero to #76 on the Paid Kindle Bestseller List on the day of release while garnering 120 glowing reviews before the book was even available to the public at large is a lesson in how to promote a product to today’s book buying public. You can read all about it in Konrath’s own words at the link below.

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Don’t get the wrong idea from us though; if you can land a traditional contract with big New York publisher and stick a nice advance in your pocket, don’t hesitate. Take the money and run. We probably would do the same. But keep in mind that the worm is turning. While you may gain a certain benefit from peddling your book in the traditional manner, there is a downside. For one, you surrender much control over your product though, in return, get a professional editing job. How about a teaser to get your brain pondering the possibilities? Konrath claims to be earning about $24,000 per year for each of his books which have been published digitally. That’s a publishing model we like!

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