One important thing about the economy which is often forgotten or not realized is the difference between the nation’s economy and a personal economy. If the nation’s economy is in a negative state, it doesn’t necessarily have to impact you personally, especially not in the speaking business. In fact, when looked at in the right light, bad times can actually lead to opportunity.

Problems and Opportunity

The common assumption in regard to a bad economy is that it goes hand in hand with fewer opportunities. While that can be true if you allow it, it’s not written in stone. Jason Hartman believes in becoming an opportunist, which is different from being an optimist; not every situation is sunny and golden. However, by being an opportunist, you’ll be able to recognize opportunity in most scenarios. An opportunist knows how to find those chances for success no matter what’s happening in the world on the macro level.

The bottom line is this: problems can lead to opportunity, particularly in the speaking business. When jobs and money are scarce, people become frantic and worried. They immediately start looking for ways out, and who can blame them? They’re pushed to their limits and actively looking for advice to help them out of their situation. As a speaker, this basically gift wraps your target audience.

Speaking Ideas for a Bad Economy

Part of speaking in a bad economy is figuring out what niche to cover and how that niche is relevant to the people who are affected by the economy. Some potential niches you might consider include:

  • Self-employment
  • How to keep your job
  • Money management
  • Investment possibilities and strategies, like income property investment
  • Starting a business during hard times

There are also various niches which are popular no matter what the economy is doing:  money, sex, and health. Once you find a niche, use proper promotion techniques and offer valuable information to succeed.

People Still Spend Money

This may be surprising but, regardless of the economy, people still spend money. One topic that never goes out of style is self-help. This is due to the inclination to spend the money in the hope it will relieve the financial pressure during hard times and potentially lead to success. Ultimately, if you can sell hope, people will be interested in what you have to say.

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The Speaking of Wealth Team