SpeakingOfWealth.comWe’ve taken the occasional opportunity on the Speaking of Wealth blog to encourage those out there who wish to become successful public speakers to consider they should become a writer as well. Unfortunately we forgot to mention one of the most important things about writing a book. Our thanks to independent author, Jacqueline Howett, for the forceful reminder. Is everyone paying attention because this is a big one.

Learn to accept the bad reviews.

That’s it. Simple and straightforward. We could spend the rest of this post preaching to you about the complete lack of professionalism and long term damage you could do to your career if you take a bad review personally but why waste our valuable breath when Ms. Howett can do the job so ably herself?

Here’s the scenario. Big Al’s Books and Pals is an indie book reviewer who focuses on ebook content for Kindle and Nook primarily. Recently, he had the misfortune of honestly (but politely) reviewing Howett’s book, The Greek Seaman, and was hit with a string of comments posted to the review page from the author that began rudely before finally letting loose with not one f-bomb but two! Follow the link below to read the hilarity


Now that we’ve wiped our eyes clear and the uproarious laughter has subsided to intermittent giggles, let us ask a question of our readers, in all seriousness. Would you buy a book, EVER, that this unhinged person has written? And let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment and presume the reviewer had an ax to grind with Howett and the review was totally off-base, biased, and unfair (which it wasn’t).

Is this an adult way to react to the situation? Are her circumstances improved one iota by losing her mind like a kindergartner on the playground? That’s why we say you should become a writer – graciously. There is absolutely zero chance that every person who reads your book will like it. Far better is it to take some chance with your writing. Make some people love and some people hate it. That’s where fans and loyal buyers come in. Cursing book reviewers and innocent bystanders in your mad dash to prove that your writing is infallible sounds a little bit cuckoo bird to us.

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