Jason Hartman became recognized as an expert by podcasting and public speaking, and you can too. Keep reading to learn how to become and expert with public speaking.

How Public Speaking can Make You an Expert

Public speaking is a great way to boost both reputation and experience. Gatherings among the creative community provide a fantastic opportunity to spread your knowledge to a whole new audience. The experience will allow for self-promotion and personal growth.

On top of all these benefits, speakers are usually recognized as experts. If you can speak intelligently in front of an audience, they will start thinking of you as an authority on the subject. Teaching can help a person learn better than any other method, so the more you teach, the closer to becoming an expert you get.

Reaching a Wider Audience

Speaking can help you to be part of the “conversation” within a niche. It’s a great way to get to know your followers more personally than is achievable online. By speaking, it’s possible to reach an entirely new audience. Furthermore, you can take advantage of speaking to reach a wider audience online as well. Consider recording the speech and posting it on YouTube to reach a whole new group of followers. Even by sharing slides used in a presentation online, you can build a following.

Presenting Yourself as an Expert

To be recognized as an expert by a wide audience, present yourself as an expert from the get-go. Start by believing you’re an expert and people will sense it. If you have significant knowledge about a topic, no one else can take part in it unless you present it to them. Building knowledge and sharing it is exactly how a person becomes an expert. When speaking, it’s best to present a specific set of expertise instead of a wider topic you’re not as familiar with to build an expert status.

Gain Connections and Expand Knowledge

Many speeches involve crowd participation. If your speech doesn’t, find a way to include it. By allowing the audience to participate, you can gain brand new, valuable insights. Audience members will often challenge your perspectives and offer concepts you may not have realized. The goal should be both to teach and to learn.

Attend Events

Sometimes it can be hard to get a foot in the door to start public speaking, but one way to begin is by attending events in your area of expertise. Participate in these events and offer valuable perspectives. This will help people recognize who you are so you might get invited to speak.

Don’t Hesitate

If you get an opportunity to speak, take it. No one becomes an expert by hesitating. Take action, and people will notice it.

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