More and more content creators, organizations, and businesses are beginning to utilize content calendars to manage their content. How does this apply to you? As a professional podcaster, or even an amateur one, you likely have to manage some amount of content. A content calendar can help with this. Keep reading to learn how.

Target Keywords

Jason Hartman knows that a great way to gain a larger audience is by attaching keywords to each podcast. Provide keywords in every podcast description and on your website if you have one. A content calendar will aid in creating a keyword plan which can improve any keyword marking strategy. One good strategy is to focus a group of podcasts on a set of keywords to help you rank for them. Try researching what keywords competitors are ranking for and start a campaign focused on those to rank higher than competitors in the search engines.

Be Consistent

Sometimes it’s difficult to stay on top of podcasts without something to keep you on schedule. A calendar placed directly on your website adds some necessity to regular podcasting, because listeners will begin to expect a podcast on a regular basis. This can help you make podcasting a priority instead of putting podcasts on the back-burner.

Content Diversity

Content diversity is an important factor to consider on every website. A regular schedule will help you plan ahead of time to diversify the topics within a niche. This will stop the audience from getting bored and allow you to add lots of valuable information to enhance your brand.

Even Amount of Content

For a steady, loyal, and dedicated audience, it’s vital to provide regular updates on routine intervals. For instance, if you throw a bunch of updates to your audience in mass at the beginning of the month, and give them nothing towards the end of the month, they probably won’t appreciate it. A calendar can help make sure updates are coming out routinely throughout the month.

Easily Divide Content

If you host a blog to support your podcast, manage a large amount of content, or work with other podcasters or bloggers (or guest podcasters), a calendar can make it easy to divide the content among each of you. Also, you’ll have the ability to plan assignments ahead of time. Each person contributing to your podcast will have a set due date and plenty of time to prepare. If you’re planning a guest podcast or an interview, the people contributing with and the audience will know what to expect.

With a content calendar, it will be easy to manage all of your content. Don’t have a lot of content? Read Top 5 Reasons to Repurpose Your Content to learn why you should get more. (Top Image: Flickr | Cathyse97)

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