Benefits of Podcasting

Podcasting is a growing digital medium consisting of mainly audio and video media files that are streamed over the Internet. This type of media offers listeners a unique way to hear content and messages specific to their interests. Listeners can download a broadcast through an RSS feed or syndication format, offering endless opportunities for podcasters to create and deliver content specific to their audience. As you create more quality content, your audience and brand will grow and soon be recognized in this digital medium.

Streaming a successful and well-known podcast will take time, you will likely gain listeners through organic searches and word of mouth marketing, which is why your content is critical. Listeners want to hear new, fresh material but with relevance and uniqueness in the message. Every show you must be prepared for a larger audience, continuing to create great content and constantly connecting your audience with relevant news and information to hold interest on your podcast and away competition.

Continue learning more about podcasting and the benefits of streaming a podcast as we highlight advice from a recent guest on the Speaking of Wealth Show, Corey Coates owner of Podfly.

Your Business, Your Voice. Emphasizing words on paper is a little more challenging than actually speaking those emotions. A podcast allows the direction of your voice and tone to be used behind key words or phrases. This is your business and this is your chance to really be the voice behind the success, so share stories with your consumers, answer questions and relate with them on topics they want to hear. After all they are listening to you so it’s only courtesy that you listen to them as well.

“You don’t need a large audience to be a successful podcaster.” ~ Corey Coates

Advice Clips. If you own a service-based business then get creative with this technological tool with advice clips. Advice clips are great for users to download onto your website, streaming a short clip is often times better than a print ad because the consumer won’t miss hearing that special offer, not to mention they skim through your voice like they could with a print ad.

Whether someone is in the car, at the office or working out at the gym, they can always hear your clips through headphones, on the telephone, from their computer or other various technological devices. Therefore, take advantage of these advice clips and create personalized audio to stream right from your CEO, or use consumers reviews that will generate a connection with other consumers through a narrative and expressive voice.

Opportunity for Sponsorship. Reach out to potential sponsors and offer audio commercial ads and advertisement on your site. The opportunities are endless when it comes to sponsors, even the smallest prospect can make a donation that will open the door to launch something big for you and your business.

Easy to Use. Podcasts are available in RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and other syndication formats (such as iTunes and Libsyn). A benefit of having an RSS feed is the immediate notification users receive to listen in real “live” time, instead of waiting for an audio clip to download. This tool also offers the opportunity for Podcast’s to share their message instantly, answering questions directly to their audience and giving them what they want to hear. Try a simple download of your RSS feed to allow this connection and availability of consumers wants from businesses they depend on and actually hear their voice too.

“Having a lot of content available on a regular basis is what builds a great audience”. ~ Corey Coates 

Distributing Your Podcast. Publish your podcast on iTunes or on host Podcast sites like Big Contact (, or Liberated Syndication ( Once you upload your MP3 file, then “tag it” to reach a specific target audience. A basic ID3 tag or RSS tag will offer categories that you can personalize, such as the Artist, Album, Composer and Date, making it much easier for your target audience to search and find your podcast.

Once the distribution is in place it’s time to really focus on creating quality content. Delivering your message everyday or every week will add great value to your brand, attracting a larger audience over time. Again, keep in mind that your audience will most likely grow organically, so patience is a virtue. Instead of wrapping your head around the number of listeners to every show, focus your talents on creating great material and soon your success and audience in podcasting will grow.
photo credit: nsolop via photopin cc