SpeakingOfWealth.comDoes the iPad retain its coolness quotient in the months following the initial purchase, or is it simply another electronic toy we’ll tire of quickly and toss into the dustbin of history? If we were placing bets, Steve Jobs and Apple’s track record stands up pretty good but it doesn’t matter what we think. Let’s ask the people!

Business Insider decided to conduct a survey of iPad owners and find out how their usage patterns have changed (or not) since they bought it. The following is a sampling of the questions. You can study the survey results in their entirety here.

Q. How many hours a day do you use your iPad?
A. Three-fourths of iPad owners use the electronic gadget from one to five hours daily. Almost ten percent of hard core junkies use it more than five hours and the rest under one hour. Nothing too earth shattering with this pattern.

Q. Has your usage increased or decreased since purchase?
A. Apparently, we’ve got a field of true believers because 77% of them are using the iPad more now than when they bought it. The remaining 33% use it less. One gal from New Jersey left hers in a restroom in Grand Central Station has been afraid to go back and get it.

Q. Has the iPad become your primary computer?
A. This is an interesting question because, doubtless, Mr. Jobs goal is to have the iPad eventually become the computer of first resort for users. He’s made inroads but the tipping point has not yet been reached. Only 29% of iPad owners use it as their primary computer. The rest are still holding onto their laptops and desktops.

Q. What do you spend your iPad time doing?
A. The breakdown as to what people actually use their iPads for goes like this: web browsing 38%; email/social media 24%; watching video 11%; playing games 10%. The rest of time is spent testing how close you can put your finger to the screen without actually touching it.

While the survey included 19 questions, these four address the basics, though the overarching question remains: Are we just going through a phase and there’s something still ultra cool out there on the horizon? The answer to that is almost certainly. Hold on for the ride.

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