SW 334 FBF – Online Content Marketing with Kristi Hines

Today’s Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 106, originally published in October 2013. Kristi Hines is a highly sought after writer, blogger, and social media commentator who’s expertise in creating high quality content for business and corporate blogs has elevated the sales and status of many companies. Hines focuses on teaching businesses the right formula…


SW 326 FBF – Effectiveness, Peak-Performance, and Marketing Tactics with Justin Sachs

Today’s Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 131, originally published in January 2014.

Justin Sachs is the Publisher of Motivational Press and Chairman of the Board of Justin Sachs Companies, a group of companies that provide high-level services to business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporations world-wide.

Justin joins the show to tell us about Motivational Press and its successes in 2013.