Cold calling is an old and well known technique which has been both accepted and rejected by a majority of businesses and brands. Have you thought about what it can do for your brand? Keep reading to find out.

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling can be defined as the process of approaching prospective clients or potential customers and giving them a call. Cold calling uses the word “cold” because the people being called rarely ever expect the call and typically haven’t asked to be contacted by a sales person.

It’s similar in nature to what telemarketers do. You start by thumbing through a list of names and calling everyone on the list with the hope that someone will pick up the phone. When someone does pick up, they’ll have to take the time and interest to hear what you have to say. Sound hopeless? Not necessarily.

Potential Benefits of Cold Calling

The fact of the matter is, cold calling must work to some degree, or businesses would have stopped using it as a marketing technique long ago. Some studies have even suggested that cold calling is one of the most effective marketing techniques out there. Here are some of the potential benefits:

•New business.
•Helps to build market intelligence on competing companies.
•Gives an idea of the economy.
•Allows you to learn about market conditions.

While cold calling is not a marketing technique to solely rely on, some of its inherent benefits can’t be denied.

Does Cold Calling Still Work?

There has been a large debate and a lot of mixed feelings over cold calling. Many business are starting to believe the method has become ineffective. However, others are saying the idea of cold calling being outdated and inadequate is nothing but a myth. Yes, cold calling can lead to failure, but only if the wrong methods are used. People claim cold calling doesn’t work because, in their situation, it hasn’t. We don’t believe this is a result of it being a useless marketing method, but more of a result of ineffective sales techniques during the call.

Overall, cold calling works when the proper strategies are in place, but it shouldn’t be the only marketing technique you use. Never should a brand only use one marketing technique, regardless of what it is. Sales are all about leverage, a concept Jason Hartman strongly believes in, and in marketing it’s difficult to create leverage with only one method. Ultimately, used as a tool to aid a marketing campaign rather than drive it, cold calling is an effective choice. (Top image: Flickr | Justin Brockie)

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