epublishersHave you ever noticed the the biggest piece of crap email can get maddeningly high open rates with a good enough headline? Let this be a lesson to epublishers – the subject line is vitally important. This is where you need to fire up your creativity and let it shine. Think about this: no matter how much time you spend painstakingly crafting the content of the newsletter for maximum sales, a lackluster headline almost guarantees that few people will see it.

In case you haven’t internalized the importance of email subject lines, an epublishers success might depend on it. Fortunately, there are several tried and true headline formulas you can employ to get people to click on the link and read your email.

Urgency Headline
There’s an interesting little quirk to our human nature. We’re more motivated by the prospect of losing out on something than by gaining. An urgency headline is straightforward such as: “Save 50% Today Only.”

Benefit Headline
The benefit headline means exactly what you might suspect: a benefit is prominently displayed. The tricky part here is not to confuse benefits and features. People are motivated by benefits. Not so much by features. For example, a feature of a particular diet is that you lose weight. True but boring. A benefit of of the diet is that supermodels will throw themselves in your path everywhere you go. So the headline would go something like: Supermodels Will Stand In Line To Meet You.

How To Headline
The How To subject line is so simple a brain dead chihuahua could do it. More specific that the benefit, it promises a particular result prefaced by the words – you guessed it – “how to” or sometimes just “how.” Something like “How To Buy and Sell Gold With No Risk” would be an example.

The bottom line is that epublishers need to pay strict attention to their subject lines so everyone else will as well.

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