professional speaker, list buildingIf you happen to be a professional speaker who does not have a website and still hasn’t taken the time to develop an email list – (sigh) – haven’t you been listening to anything we say? This is 2010, not 1910, and the tools needed for success in building any business are right in front of your eyes, or at least beneath your fingertips. Highly technical types like us at Speaking of Wealth call it a keyboard. And that blue screen covered with little icons? It’s called a computer. You hook it up to this thing called the Internet and money flows into your bank account.

Okay, maybe it’s not quite that simple but Internet Marketers everywhere will tell you the money is in the list. By not making a serious effort to build a list of interested subscribers you are making a conscious decision to not be as successful as your natural potential as a professional speaker might allow.

The good news is that list building just got a lot cheaper with the recent release of the WP Responder plugin. WP, of course, stands for WordPress, which is only the most massively useful blogging software on the planet and an infinitely easy way to build a very robust website. For years, one fly in the ointment has been the necessity to pay a monthly fee to a company like Aweber, Mailchimp, or GetResponse to handle the behind the scenes activity of processing new list signups from the website, automatically sending out a welcome email, and even sending out preloaded messages at regular intervals, tasks which can literally suck the time from your day.

A service like costs around $20 monthly – until now. The WP Responder is a FREE plugin that you download and easily install into your WordPress website. Presto, you just saved $240 this year. Now the pay-to-play guys are sure to start kicking up a fit and claiming how superior their service is to that stupid, little free plugin. Pay them no attention. It’s nothing more than the death throes of a dying industry. We’re using the plugin on several of our websites, very effectively we might add. Looks good so far but we’ll let you know if any issues pop up. From where we sit, this seems like a powerful tool for the professional speaker interested in list building, and you SHOULD be interested in list building.

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