Sharing your own content for marketing purposes can help, but it’s not as effective as motivating other people to share it. Here are some tips to get started.

Build a Loyal Audience

Many people who share content are regulars. For this reason, it’s important to build a loyal audience. To do this, nurture the community and work on building an online presence on social networks, blogs, and other places. Pay attention to what the community is doing on social networks. Engage them to keep them interested. For more information about building a loyal audience, try reading “Create Passionate Podcast Listeners by Giving Back.”

Know the Audience

A vital part of inspiring people to share content is creating material they can relate to. Part of this process involves building content within a certain niche to target a specific segment of the population who have an interest in it. However, it’s also important to consider what culture they come from. How do they talk, for instance, and how can you present content in a way that appeals to them?

Understand What Motivates

What motivates your target audience? It’s essential to recognize this, because if you’re able to pinpoint what inspires them, you can create content intriguing enough for them to take action. Start by considering what moves you and other typical internet users. We typically share content which:

  • Makes us care about an issue or a topic.
  • Inspires us in some way.
  • Makes us laugh.
  • Creates controversy.
  • Helps us with a problem.
  • Makes us look intelligent.

Gain Trust

People probably won’t feel comfortable sharing content if they don’t trust the source. A great way to gain trust is by becoming recognized as an expert in a niche. This can be accomplished with plenty of time and research, great content, social media marketing, public speaking, and similar ventures. Also, be sure to act relatable, like a human being.

Great Content

A signature staple of doing well in any niche is producing fantastic content, a concept which Jason Hartman firmly believes in. General staples of great online content include, well researched and easy to understand concepts, and the use of headlines and bullet points in any written content. There should be variety and audience involvement.


The most simple way to get people to share content is to ask. This is called a call to action. Keep a call to action short and to the point for the best results, but also be sure to make it simple for followers to do what you’re asking. The less effort they have to make, the more likely they are to share.

Any thoughts on how to inspire other people to share your content? Put it in the comments! (Top Image: Flickr | Marco Raaphorst)

The Speaking of Wealth Team