It’s no secret that some of Google’s most recent updates have made SEO strategies a little more difficult, and some bloggers might be wondering if it’s still safe to accept guest posts. The answer is yes, with careful monitoring, but there are still several things to consider. Here are a few.

Guest Posts Add Variety

One notable benefit of having guest posts, or guest speakers in the case of a podcast, is the chance to offer something different; a unique perspective on the blog. Furthermore, variety of posts also leads to variety of readers. New writers bring in new readers. This is because most guest posters will notify their fans of their upcoming guest post, drawing fresh attention to your blog.

Guest Posts Might Turn People Off

Though guest posts could bring in new readers and add variety, they may also turn some readers off. If you’re running a personal blog, and followers are visiting to hear your perspective, they may actually tire of hearing new voices, particularly if the guest posts become overdone.

Writing Burden is Reduced

Every time a guest post is published, it’s one less post you have to worry about writing. For the average busy blogger or online entrepreneur, this is valuable time, and taking a break from the regular routine of writing, editing, and posting can be a welcome relief.

Editorial Effort is Required

Though there won’t be as much of a writing burden, editorial effort will be increased. Once you welcome guest posters onto the site, collaboration will be required, even expected. It will become necessary to review and edit every post to make sure it’s a good fit for the site. If edits need to be made, you’ll have to communicate with the author to discuss potential changes. It’s also important to establish strict quality guidelines so every poster will know what’s expected.

Guest Posts Increase Perceived Authority

Jason Hartman knows much authority in a niche can build success, and guest posts can help with this. Publishing credible and informational guest posts on your blog adds a certain amount of credibility to the content. This is especially true if you can bring on experts and prominent figures in the same niche. You’re perceived authority will increase because the guest posts will make you seem like someone with strong industry connections.

Your Message May Become Unclear

While your authority may increase, the overall message of the blog could get diluted with conflicting perspectives. As the person who runs the blog, a major goal should be to develop a voice and a brand. With too many guest posters, you run the risk of muddling your voice, making it more difficult to create a unique brand.

What are your feelings about accepting guest posts? Will it help or hurt your brand? Feel free to let us know in the comments. (Top Image: Flickr | //ZERO)

The Speaking of Wealth Team