educational consultantSchools are chock full of vocational counselors, educational counselors, and plain old school counselors, all of which are employed by a school district. Maybe you like the idea of helping students reach certain goals but prefer the pick-your-own-hours lifestyle of a freelance educational consultant. What exactly does a freelance educational do that isn’t done by school employees?

Whatever you like!

Though most of them probably give it their all, the truth is that school employees are frequently overwhelmed by the sheer number of students under their tutelage. How much time can a school counselor really devote to helping a high school student get into a private school or to navigate the tricky selection process that comes with getting into a top college?

That’s where you, the freelance educational consultant, come in. Parents hire you to work one-on-one with their little Johnny or Suzie and achieve whatever it is they’re after. Maybe it’s entrance to an Ivy League college; maybe it’s to help a learning disabled child get more out of class; maybe it’s simple tutoring in a hard to understand subject.

The great part about this sort of job is you can make it what you like. You likely have certain strengths and interests – helping write a kick-ass college entrance essay is an example. To be taken seriously, you should consider joining one or both of the following professional organizations:

1. Higher Education Consultants Association
2. Independent Educational Consultants Association

It should go without saying that a prospective educational consultant should love working with children and their parents. While some consultants make great money and get their faces plastered on television, the vast majority are not going to get rich. If it’s lots of money you’re after, better look elsewhere. But if it’s changing the lives of kids, a career as an educational consultant might be a perfect fit.

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