Trudging into the office every day to earn a living simply isn’t for everyone. Luckily for entrepreneurs, the number of home employment options are growing at a rapid rate. Here are some home career considerations.

  • Virtual Assistant
  • A virtual assistant tackles a number of tasks for a specific person. Some of these tasks may include:
  • Handling phone calls
  • Bookkeeping
  • Schedule appointments
  • Send e-mails
  • Research clients
  • Revise work
  • Tackle any repetitive tasks

Essentially, a virtual assistant will handle administrative tasks for a person or office who either doesn’t need a full time receptionist or doesn’t want to pay for one in today’s economy. The virtual assistant is a progressive, growing career field looking for people who specialize in a certain area, such as marketing, finance, advertising, proofreading, secretarial work, creative writing, research, or translation.

Freelance Work

Freelancing is a rather large, growing community which can be pursued in a variety of fields. Jason Hartman would define a freelance worker as someone who is self-employed and sells work to a number of contractual clients. A freelancer might be a writer, a graphic designer, a web developer, an editor, or a photographer. Though the industry can sometimes be hard to break into, the possibilities are almost endless once you do.


Even if you don’t consider yourself an academic genius, there’s a good chance you can make a good tutor if you graduated from college with decent grades. A tutor might help kids with homework, teach an adult computer functions, or help a student write an essay. Tutors can sometimes earn $25-$35 an hour depending on the subject  matter. Instead of having parents travel to you, it’s possible to offer the service online via webcam, or to simply travel to their place of residence.

Party Planning

Many people, especially parents, have too little time to concern themselves with party planning. Birthday parties can be particularly lucrative. So, if you’re a person who doesn’t mind working on weekends, enjoys mingling with people, and isn’t revolted by the occasional kid, party planning might be for you. The options are many, since a party can be thrown for just about any event. Retirement or holiday parties are a few examples.

Personal Chef

If you not only have a passion for cooking but a talent for it, there’s potential to become a personal chef. Because many families have two working parents, it can sometimes become difficult for them to cook three meals a day. This is where you come in. Though many homes don’t employ live-in cooks, there is the option of cooking a week’s worth of meals for the family, or to offer to deliver each meal hot and ready to eat.

Wondering how to cope with interruptions and be more productive in a home environment? Try reading “Cope with Interruption and Be More Productive.” (Top Image: Flickr | Gnat)

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