How to Earn Book Reviews

Nothing in life is free, if you want something you either pay for it or give something to receive in return, which is why authors must live by this rule and put a stop to their frustrations of trying to earn book reviews for themselves. As an author it only seems right to give back to your peers exactly what you want which is acknowledgement and appreciation for your work. Start this new chapter reviewing for your peers and other authors while learning how to earn book reviews for your own content.

Of course not every author is going to give you the recognition you deserve by writing a review for you, but that should have no influence on you or your decision to show others respect. With your review on several author’s websites your name and comments will be visible to other potential fans and followers for a greater chance to broaden your audience and receive more reviews in return. So gain the respect you deserve as an author and follow these five tips to get your book reviewed and noticed by other authors and target audience:

  • Send a social media shoutout! Find social media sites for a particular author or book and give recognition for their inspiration or well-presnted content. Insert the name of book and author, including hashtags to go along with the subject or review.
  • Create a “Special Offers” section on your website for those who write a review. This offer can be something small as a way to give back in appreciation for the generous comments. Inform your dedicated audience they will be the first to receive news, updates on your book and notifications on special appearances. You can always feature a review on your website in the testimonial section or offer a small print in your published book for those great reviews!
  • Create a Thank You newsletter. In this newsletter address your fans personally, thank them for standing by you and believing in you through every step (and page) of this journey whiling writing and publishing your book. Inside this newsletter you should have a link to direct fans to your review page, thanking them in advance for sharing their reviews on you and your work.
  • Create a customized form or plugin directly on your website for readers and fans to review your content as it’s still fresh in their minds. Use an HTML coding site here or try one of these WordPress plugins found here.
  • Address the negative reviews with a spin to be towards your advantage. Acknowledge the comments and criticism by addressing any further action necessary. Do not go on a rant at the fan, instead remain calm and professional, after all other fans will be able to see this conversation if it remains on the website or in social media posts. One other way to prevent negative reviews, is by constantly monitoring your social media sites and up maintaining your website with positive notes and comments pinned at the top of each page.

Try using these tips everyday to develop relationships with other authors and followers of your social media sites as you continue building your brand, learning how to earn book reviews.


Photo Credit: Flickr