With all the marketing strategies out there today, it might be hard to believe that one of the most effective marketing strategies is “word of mouth.” If you get people talking about your podcast, it can spread around the internet like wild fire. So, exactly why is this the case? Keep reading to find out.

Effective Advertising Makes People Remember You

To recognize why word of mouth advertising is so effective, it’s important to realize what makes an advertising campaign successful. An effective advertising campaign will reach out to your target audience and tell them exactly what you have to offer. It should capture their attention and make them want to pay a visit to your podcast. If your advertising campaign is clear and accurately reflects what your podcast has to offer, the right kind of listeners will start to tune in. With any luck, these listeners will remember you and spread the word about your podcast.

Why Word of Mouth is so Effective

Jason Hartman knows that word of mouth plays a major role in a person’s decision to listen to a podcast. Based on word of mouth alone, a potential listener may decide whether or not your podcast is even worth their time. This has to do with the fact that people prefer to hear about podcasts, blogs, services, and more from other people. The information seems more credible coming from another person than from a pretty brochure or a search engine advertisement. Positive word of mouth can only help your podcast.

Not only that, but word of mouth is a free form of advertising that quickly spreads from one listener to another. Thanks to social networking services, word of mouth can spread even faster than it used to, and to a wider audience. Because this form of advertising is hard to control, it’s important to build positive word of mouth associations to make sure that the right kind of word spreads; the kind that will build your audience.

Positive Experiences Create Positive Word of Mouth

Keeping your audience satisfied will keep people talking about your podcast. A happy listener is most likely to recommend your podcast to potential listeners. On the other hand, an unhappy listener is more likely to tell potential listeners to stay away. Keep your listeners satisfied and you’ll build a loyal, growing audience. Here are some tips to keep listeners happy and satisfied:

  • Encourage feedback.
  • Respond to feedback quickly and make realistic changes if necessary.
  • Offer helpful and unique content.
  • Make your content about the listener, not about yourself.
  • Make your content relatable.
  • Find ways to help your listeners participate in your podcast.
  • Be consistent.

Remember that a satisfied listener will tune into your podcast on a regular basis and recommend it to others. Nothing is more beneficial to your podcast than a happy listener. (Top image: Flickr | Search Engine People Blog)

The Speaking of Wealth Team