If you’re an author of a non-fiction title, especially what might be categorized as a informational product, why waste your time trying to get the attention of traditional New York publishers? There’s a little website called Clickbank that has paid out over $1 billion in informational sales over the last decade.

Clickbank products are all delivered electronically and the set up cost to have a digital book listed there is $50. Not bad considering you can immediately put an army of affiliates to work selling your product. This is an incredible opportunity for the information author to get his ebook in front of lots of buying eyeballs. Of course, some subject matter works better than others – most successful Clickbank products address a pressing issue that readers want to have solved now. Think weight loss or credit repair.

Esoteric mumbo jumbo might not work quite so well. And traditional book publishers could still be an option if you are more concerned with the “cachet” of being a published author, but if selling stuff and making money is what you’re after, give Clickbank a shot – at least drop by the website and see what they’re all about.

Clickbank informational products sell well in the $7 to $97 range, depending upon how in depth your treatment of the subject is. Unlike traditional publishers, you get to keep the vast majority of the money generated by these digital sales. Other than a small processing fee and whatever deal you choose to strike with affiliates, you keep it all. Don’t try that with a New York publisher, where you’re lucky to make 5% of the cover price.

The Speaking of Wealth Team

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