Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network

Of all the available mediums for communication, nothing compares to speaking. Professionals from every field know that, if you want to get across a message, there can be nothing better than face-to-face communication. Hundreds of thousands of individuals from all around the world flock to hear professional speakers. If you’re looking to join the ranks of those who can draw crowds with their words (and make a solid income doing it), you’ll need to prepare yourself for the ride of your life, as professional speaking is no small task. Jason Hartman, President of Platinum Property Investors Network, is eager to help those new to the industry to break through and gain enough confidence to make a solid income off of public speaking.

Jason Hartman is President of Platinum Property Investor Network and has spoken countless times in front of numerous crowds over the past decade. His basic steps to getting started include making sure you have something worthwhile to say, developing your personality and personal image, seizing unique opportunities when they arise, and never stepping down when you’re faced with hardship. Follow Jason Hartman’s guide of best strategies to becoming a professional speaker, and you’ll be well on your way towards growing yourself (and your brand) through effective and pointed professional speaking.

Jason Hartman’s Advice: Have Something to Say

Many of us get into speaking because we want to help people, whether it be colleagues in our field or newbies to our area of expertise. Jason Hartman, the President of Platinum Property Investors Network, says that one of the most fulfilling parts of professional speaking has to do with the information that you’re offering to people, and how it will aid them in their chosen endeavors.

Sometimes the best way to learn more about something is to speak about it… and that doesn’t only apply to your chosen topic. One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is this: what’s your “wow factor”? How can you prove it? If you’re new to speaking, you might not know what your “wow factor” is, but you might very well discover it on the road. Don’t be afraid to try things out and to intellectually test the waters, says Jason Hartman of Platinum Property Investor Network.

“Do More Than Just Brand Development,” Says Jason Hartman of the Platinum Property Investment Network, “Be You!”

By this point, many of us who are speakers or intend to get into speaking or consulting professionally, know that establishing credibility with your audience is paramount. There’s a lot of stress on “developing your brand”, but few get into the details of what that means on a layman level. In short, developing your brand boils down to developing and defining yourself as an individual, and being able to express what you’ve learned about yourself to the rest of the world. The President of Platinum Property Investor Network, Jason Hartman, has spent many years developing his personal image, and wants beginners to know that brand and personal development is a process that you never fully finish.

The President of Platinum Property Investors Network wants you to ask yourself these questions: What are you telling the world? What kind of experience can you create for your listeners? The answers to these questions will be what you base your brand around – it’s a study that you should be engaging in constantly, and, like any good student, you should never truly stop learning more about yourself. The best person you can be is you, and it’s the person that audiences will come to listen to. This is the same sort of personal reflection that Jason Hartman engaged in when founding the Platinum Property Investor Network, and it’s garnered him a great deal of success.

Jason Hartman Says, “Look for Unique Opportunities”

There’s far more to being a speaker than knowing how to talk – the biggest challenge you’ll face in this field may very well be choosing what you’ll be talking about, and where you’ll talk about it. While engaging in his work with Platinum Property Investment Network, Hartman has learned a significant amount about seizing the opportunity, both big and small, and he has some advice for all those in the field of professional speaking.

Think that a bad economy means few opportunities? Turns out that you might not be looking for an opening in the right places. Find your fortune by striking when the iron is hot, and finding your chance to shine while the economy is lagging behind. Jason Hartman, of the Platinum Property Investor Network, has at times honed the topics of his speeches and his podcasts to cater to the needs of those dealing with the economic downturn, and has had a great deal of success doing it. There are specific topics that are highly popular when the economy is doing poorly, such as moral-boosting, self-employment, money-management, and more. No matter what’s going on in the world, you can find a topic that will keep people entertained and eager to listen.

Likewise, when it comes to opportunities, don’t snub small groups or unusual venues. Jason Hartman himself has spoken at length about the unique (and sometimes unusual) circumstances and places that he’s had to speak at while growing the Platinum Property Investor Network. Treat an intimate, small audience of three people the same way you’d treat a stadium chock-full of people. Some of the smallest groups in the most rural of spots may be where you get your initial leg-up on this business – someone who has come to listen to you may be someone who will book you at a another venue later!

Be Stalwart – Don’t Give Up When Difficulties Arise, Says President of Platinum Property Investor Network

Jason Hartman is no stranger to difficulties – as the President of Platinum Property Investors Network, he’s faced numerous stumbling blocks on the way to success as a professional public speaker.

If (or, more likely, when) stage fright rears it’s ugly head, follow these tips: visualize yourself succeeding, learn and train yourself to do breathing exercises that will help you relax, and more importantly, practice your speech until you can recite it whether or not you’re feeling nervous. As President of Platinum Property Investment Network, Jason has often dealt with these issues on a personal level, and urges those who struggle with it to keep trying new ways to beat it until you hit upon the methods that work best for you.

Additionally, a little-known difficult of the field is the energy you’ll need to have in order to endure as a public speaker. The President of Platinum Property Investor Network, Jason Hartman, knows from experience that any professional speaker will need a lot of wherewithal: they’ll be spending a lot of time up on the stage talking, but may also need to spend hours standing and walking around conferences, spending hours at book-signings, and more. While the energy that you have will likely be drawn straight from your passion, that begs the question – do you have enough passion for your subject material to fuel yourself through the tough times?

The life of a professional speaker can be incredibly difficult, but if you can keep your head (and keep your feet), you’ll be on your way to success.