Instagram has recently made the decision to launch new web profiles for their users, providing them with a more efficient way to view and share Instagram online. The new web profile features photos along with a bio and a profile picture, to give online users a look at what you have to share on Instagram.

Just a Smart Phone App?

Many people who’ve heard of Instagram might be thinking, “Wait a second… isn’t that just a smart phone app?” The answer is no, not anymore. While this picture platform was a fantastic social network as an app, the new web profile is bringing it online and making it accessible to an entirely new market. In the past, many users have had to resort to using an outside platform to view Instagram photos online, such as Webstagram or Statigram.

This is a smart move by Instagram, allowing more people gain easy access to its features. With the new site, users will have the ability share their profile with anyone they’d like to see it, comment and like photos, follow other users, and edit the profile directly online.

Facebook and Instagram

One of the first things Instagram users might notice upon opening their new web profile is the clear resemblance to Facebook’s timeline. Occupying the place which would be harboring the cover photo on the Facebook timeline is an animated compilation of Instagram photos. There’s a small profile photo in about the same place as one would see on Facebook’s version of the web profile, and a bio along with audience statistics underneath the cover photo.

Why is the web profile so close to Facebook? It may have something to do with Facebook acquiring Instagram this September for about $715 million. This suggests, though it’s unlikely for Facebook and Instagram to merge, further integration is possible. One thing the format does accomplish, as more and more Facebook users are giving Instagram a try, is easy navigation and usage for new users.


Instagram’s web profiles could mean something new for the platform: monetization. Brands who use Instagram will now have a page to direct users to which goes along with the app. This is a huge step forward for content creators, marketers, brands, and businesses. They may even utilize something similar to Facebook’s “pages” to provide an even friendlier place for brands and monetization.

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