A number of studies have shown that one of the most common fears in America is public speaking. However, public speaking is necessary for success in many career fields. Here are some tips to overcome the fear of public speaking.


You may have heard the term “practice makes perfect”, and though it may sound cliché, it”s a true statement to some degree. While no one will ever be perfect, practicing can only cause improvement. More importantly, rehearsal time can build confidence. The more comfortable you feel with the material, the less reason to worry. You”ll also send signals to the audience that say “I”ve done this before.”

Redefine Fear

You”re about to speak, and you”re beginning to feel pretty nervous about it. Examine the fear closely. Why are you feeling it? What is it really? Normally, pre-speech jitters can create adrenaline, and adrenaline is your friend. Don”t look at fear as fear, but as adrenaline, and use the adrenaline to your advantage. Adrenaline will provide energy and cause the brain to start working online casino faster. Apply this new energy to your speech to wow the audience.

Deep Breathing

Breathing deeply and slowly from the stomach can work wonders to settle the nerves. These deep breaths can help anyone feel more grounded, so start practicing deep breaths the moment nervousness begins to settle in.

Don”t be a Perfectionist

Jason Hartman knows how unlikely it is for anyone to deliver a perfect speech. Expecting to deliver a perfect speech will only create unnecessary fear. Also, being a perfectionist sometimes results in procrastination. If your speech keeps getting pushed back because you feel it”s not up to par, chances are you”ll miss good opportunities.

Take Speaking Opportunities

It”s important to take any speaking opportunities which become available. Not only because you may be missing out on something great, but because it”s impossible to conquer the fear of public speaking without actually speaking. You may have heard the term “face your fears”. In the case of public speaking, it”s completely true.

It”s All in the Mind

A problem which often results in fear of public speaking is lack of confidence. Many people believe they aren”t any good at public speaking simply because they”ve never done it before. The prospect scares them and so they never try it. But the fact of the matter is, it”s impossible to know how good you”ll be until you try.

Not sure how public speaking can benefit you and your business? Read “Speak for Free to Promote Your Brand” to learn more. (Top Image: Flickr | Center for American Progress)

The Speaking of Wealth Team