Recently, Pinterest has begun testing the frequently requested “secret boards.” Because of the popularity of the Holiday season for gift buying and family planning, Pinterest believes there’s no better time to release these handy tools to the public. Pinterest users now have the ability to create up to three secret boards for whatever their needs may be.

What is a Pinterest Secret Board?

A secret board is a place on Pinterest where users can add a pin without it showing up anywhere else on the site. The only people who will be able to view the board is the creator, and anyone else he allows to collaborate on it. This allows users to keep the board to themselves, or to allow friends, family, or business partners to view and pin on the board as well. As Jason Hartman knows, private collaboration can be a fantastic business tool.

Creating a Secret Board

Secret boards can be created directly from the user profile. Simply visit your profile, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and click on “create a secret board.” From there, you simply name the board and start pinning. The same can be done with the Pinterest app available on mobile devices. It’s also possible to create a secret board by first clicking “Add+” on the top right hand of the site, and simply turning the “secret” option to “on.”

Potential Uses of Secret Boards

While some marketers may have looked at the new Pinterest boards and wondered, “How can I use this?” It does have some innate uses. Here are a few:

  • Visual Notes and Links
  • Works in Progress
  • Holiday or Birthday Present List
  • Private Photo Sharing
  • Event Planning
  • Collaboration
  • Content/Marketing Plans

With the right ideas, we believe Pinterest’s new secret boards have potential uses for the average pinterest users, marketers, and businesses alike.

Secret Boards for Business Purposes

Maybe the most beneficial part of the new Pinterest boards is its potential uses for business purposes. For instance, a person who owns a small business might create a board with ideas for a new product. Likewise, a content creator could use it as a content calendar, or a place to store resources and ideas for new content. Marketers might even be able to use it as a place for marketing plans and assets.

Regardless, it’s a fantastic place for collaboration. With the ease and speed that Pinterest provides, combined with the ability to add collaborators to every board, it easily beats out other photo sharing business tools. Best of all, it’s completely free.

So, are the new secret boards worth your time? Like or share if the answer is yes! (Top Image: Flickr |

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