If you haven’t heard about podcasting yet, you haven’t been paying attention. In fact, we think so much of this new medium that we’ve created an entire system to train up-and-coming podcasters, called the $10 Million Dollar Podcaster. It’s not out for sale yet but is coming very, very soon. We’ll let you know when it drops.

The larger point is we wouldn’t be devoting all this time and effort into creating training products for a technology we thought was just going to be a flash in the pan, or if we had an inkling that only a small percentage of Internet users would ever make use of it.

No way this is just another fad. The number of people downloading and listening to podcasts is increasing too quickly and has been ever since 2006. What’s interesting about the podcasting medium is that it allows consumers to focus so tightly on a particular niche they might be interested in, while at the same time it represents a huge swath of the global population. Add all those niches together and they become a formidable force indeed, especially when you begin to consider advertising and sponsorships.

Don’t think that businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs haven’t taken notice of the surge in listenership. They are practically salivating at the idea of getting their message in front of so many unique niche audiences. Why? Because niche audiences tend to be loyal, devoted, and not afraid to whip their credit card out to financially support a brand of which they have become fond.

There are three reason we find podcasting to be more than a fling. As a medium, it has proven itself to be targeted, relevant, and most importantly – measurable. That last one is essential when it comes to evaluating a new medium. It’s easy to track how many times a particular podcast episode is downloaded, making it pretty cut and dried when it comes to showing demonstrating to an advertiser how many people are paying attention. Remember how email marketing, search engine marketing, and online display ads had to prove themselves viable? With podcasting, we’re at the cusp of watching what was at first just a really cool idea mature into a true marketing medium.

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