presentation techniquesAt one point or another, most of us have sat through more than our share of speeches, some of which exhibit exhilarating presentation techniques and others…quite the opposite. When it’s your turn to get up there and wow the audience, let’s see how much you learned from the bad ones you sat through. And if you hope to have a successful career as a public speaker you absolutely, positively must avoid the following:

1. “I thought YOU were bringing the projector.” Tsk tsk. Such a maddening problem and so easily resolved. If you’re going to be the one up on stage looking like an unprepared idiot, it behooves you to make sure all necessary equipment is available and functioning well before you go on. cisco 700-501

2. “Do you even know what you’re talking about?” Sure, you can only memorize the bare essentials when it comes to the topic you’re presenting on, but that doesn’t make it a good idea, unless you like that deer in the headlights look when an unexpected question pops up from the crowd. Doh!

3. “As you see here on slide number three thousand…” Just because you own 5,000 tangentially related to the topic at hand doesn’t mean you should foist them on the audience. Have a heart. 10 to 15 slides is plenty. After that, expect the drooping heads and cacophony of snores to begin. This is a presentation technique to take to heart. 640-893 dumps

4. “Hello, Mister Screen on the Wall. You’re my best friend.” Talk to the audience, not the screen. You’re not giving a presentation to the slide screen are you? Turn around and engage the people who have gone to some effort to hear what you have to say. They want you to succeed. Give them a chance to appreciate your awesome-ness.

When it comes to presentation techniques, these are just the bare essentials of bad behavior to avoid. There are plenty of others and we’ll get to them in due course. For now, steer clear of these and you’ll be doing better than some.

The Speaking of Wealth Team

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