iPad Device with New York Times on screenThe inefficiency of print media is mind-boggling. It’s costly, slow to distribute, and has quite frankly, lost its appeal. The days of grabbing the daily paper from the driveway are now over. Why walk outside early in the morning when you can easily get the same information from your PC, iPad, Kindle or mobile phone in an instantaneous fashion?

Publishers who haven’t created an exit plan from print to digital will be left behind by those who can “figure it out” and adapt to the marketplace. People want information fast and don’t want to wait for it. They will no longer pay a premium for having it in print when they can pay a low monthly subscription fee for getting the same information instantly on any of their electronic devices with a wireless connection.

Moving from print to digital media is a win-win for both the media companies and consumers. It’s quick to distribute, it’s inexpensive, and it doesn’t clutter up a desk. Having access to digital media certainly helps keep the office organized and reduces the amount of paper in the recycling bin.

Kindles, iPads and other E-Readers have already been great successes and have proven that they will likely be around for quite some time. These devices have changed the way we get our information and will naturally force publishers to change the way they do business. These devices capture information instantly, are easy to use, good on the eyes and extremely easy to pack around, not to mention sleek and sexy. Having one of these devices may be seen as a luxury now, but in a few years it will simply be the norm.

For writers and publishers who had to jump through hoops in the past to get their content published, should now breathe a sigh of relief. Company websites, blogs, emails and ebooks are a great way to distribute content to audiences, knowing that they are likely viewing it on one of the devices mentioned above and getting it seconds after it is published! Now is a tremendous opportunity to become an expert writer and release your knowledge to your target audience. Yes, you can thank technology once again.