public speakingPublic speaking is consistently rated as one of the most stress-inducing activities on the planet, if one is to believe various sources. At Speaking of Wealth, we’d like to think that the process of preparing and delivering remarks to a group of people doesn’t have to be stressful, even though there is no denying it frequently is. Following are some ideas we have about flipping the equation so that you can begin to see it as an invigorating and pleasant undertaking instead.

If others can do it, so can you. Public speaking doesn’t have to stressful any more than life itself falls into that category. Though people love to tell others that stress is a natural state of existence as long as you’re breathing, that’s a copout. There are stresses in this world, to be sure, but thousands of people get up on a stage every day and deliver their thoughts in front of a group with little to no stress at all. While we all have different skills and abilities, in general, these people are no more skilled than you. The secret is that they discovered ways to short circuit stress before it reached a debilitating level.

It doesn’t take perfection when it comes to public speaking. Keep in mind that no audience in the world expects perfection. The standards they place on a public speaker are much, MUCH lower than the speaker places on himself. Learn to lower your expectations. It’s perfectly okay if you forget an entire section of your presentation, say something incredibly stupid, or even pass out on stage. None of these eventualities, or any of the hundreds more you can conjure, causes every single audience member to never take you seriously as a human being again. To the contrary, the audience, except for the occasional malcontent, wants you to succeed. They’re praying for your success and will give you the benefit of the doubt all down the line.

All you have to do in return for their attention is deliver something of value. Even the tiniest morsel of knowledge they didn’t have before will earn you their respect because you had the internal fortitude to get up there on stage and speak your mind. You’re engaging in an activity that – the numbers say – frighten the vast majority of humanity to death. You should be proud of yourself.

Remember, keep it simple and stay classy!

The Speaking of Wealth Team

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