publishing for profitsThese days, consultants are turning to publishing for profit to pad their bottom line. Today’s entrepreneur has probably heard the phrase repackaging, which is nothing more than a way to create content once but sell it over and over again. See the power in this idea? Instead of creating four different pieces of content, you write something once and sell it as a booklet, book, ebook, special report, and maybe even audiobook.

This method of publishing for profit lets you work smarter rather than harder.

Here’s an example. Say you already publish a monthly newsletter for Fishing in the Florida Keys. At the end of the year, you cull articles from the newsletter to self-publish a book. Voila! Product #2. Pull enough content from the book for a seminar to present at relevant conferences and you have product #3. Translate it to your website for product #4. Your articles can also be sold to newspapers for another round of profits as product #5.

Publishing for profit by this method requires that you give up your vision that writing is only art and you will never compromise your vision. Get real and look at it as a chance to earn income several times over. Starving for your art is not fun. Why not make money with your writing first, until you’re making a comfortable living, then devote time to that art you’re so in love with?

Booklets are another great money maker when targeted to your niche market. Think your fish crazy audience would be interested in a listing of Florida Keys charter boat captains? Or seafood restaurants? Or waterfront lodging?

We bet they would.

The Speaking of Wealth Team

Speaking of Wealth

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