Bryan Caplovitz

Founder of, Bryan Caplovitz joins Jason Hartman to talk about the benefits of using a speakers’ bureau, how to market yourself as a speaker, how to connect with the audience, compensation, and much more. Bryan explains in detail what makes a great speaker, including marketing strategies that work best for speakers and how the quality of a speaker’s material represents their professionalism. There are less than 4,000 members of the National Speakers Association, yet there are over 7,000 events every day in the United States alone which utilize speakers. If every member of the NSA spoke to an audience every day, there would still be 3,000 opportunities each day for other speakers – emerging speakers – to fill. Many of these emerging speakers are not making a full-time income, though, from these speaking gigs.

Bryan Caplovitz is the mastermind behind, the world’s largest online speakers bureau. A computer whiz who occasionally spoke to other folks in his field at technical conferences, he came up with the idea for after trying to line up a speaking gig for himself to help cover the expenses of a trip to California. When Bryan couldn’t find anyone to help him, he invented a company to help folks like himself land speaking opportunities and the rest is dot com history. Now, helps line up thousands of speakers on all topics with meeting and event planners that need speakers, from local service clubs to the biggest speaking events in America. His company provides tools, services and resources to emerging speakers to help them build a lucrative public speaking business. Bryan encourages speakers to learn what it really takes to succeed in the business. It may be a difficult business, but it can also be a very fulfilling and lucrative career.

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