Jason Hartman is joined by the Director of Social Media for Moncur Associates, David Murray, to talk about social media content strategies for building a successful business. Dave says that content is “the number one element that will make or break your Social Media execution.” In this interview, Dave explains the ten most important content development steps. The first step is to identify your business goals and marketing objectives. The next step, one of the most important steps before creating a social media site, is to listen – listen to consumers and identify your content filter.

Dave stresses making sure people have a reason to go to all of your social media sites, and recommends some tools that assist with development. He provides a definition and example of KPI (Key Performance Indicator), and discusses ways to improve it, such as creating community and engagement. Dave and Jason also have a brief chat about the pros and cons of Google Plus and Pinterest.

David Murray (@DaveMurr) serves as the Director of Social Media for Moncur Associates, a hi-end branding and strategic messaging firm located in Troy, MI. Believing content is communication, Murray has created fully integrated digital and social media strategies for the health care, franchise, hi-tech/manufacturing, and nonprofit sectors.

To get more in-depth information about content development, Dave encourages people to visit SlideShare.net.