Jamie Krakover

Join Jason Hartman as he interviews Jamie Krakover, co-host and editor of Awakenings, “a podcast to awaken the magic in you.” The podcast discusses the characters of a book series entitled, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, a young adult book series by Michael Scott, where the cast is infused with historical and mythological figures. Jamie talks about the audience they draw and how she and her fellow co-hosts began the podcast.

The podcast has been running once a month for three and a half years. Jason and Jamie also discuss equipment and software use, such as Audacity and Skype, and Jamie does the editing for the show from her studio. When Jamie started the podcast, she did a ton of research to find the best software and says there are a lot of good, free or low-cost applications that make creating a podcast simple. Podcasting doesn’t have to cost a lot. Finding a good headset and recording software is key. Jason and Jamie also talk about listener engagement methods. Jamie encourages people interested in podcasting to not be afraid of it. Do your research and just enjoy it.

Jamie is a rocket scientist by day and the producer, main co-host and editor of the Awakenings podcast in her free time. She is very organized and keeps all of the other hosts on their toes and on time. Awakenings is a discussion based podcast, which began with a fan site for the book series approved by and including interaction with the author, Michael Scott.