Jason Hartman and Kevin Donahue get together on this episode to talk about the various business models that speakers, consultants, authors, etc, use to market to consumers. Kevin says it’s all about the list, and people come up with all sorts of strategies and tactics to build their list. More and more infopreneurs and entrepreneurs are turning to high level Mastermind techniques.

Kevin talks about the benefits of condensing marketing lists for more concentrated, deeper relationships. Bigger is not always better because there will be many customers lacking a solid commitment. Consumers are far less likely now to be engaged through spam-type delivery. Email inboxes today are cluttered with offers, diminishing the interest of the consumer. Jason and Kevin discuss ways to engage consumers, including using good ole snail mail, and building momentum through events and free offers. Kevin encourages building expert status, citing examples of successful people who have captured audiences through unique, creative tactics.

Kevin’s passion is helping people do more, be more and have more and connecting with business owners! This passion has led him to help other entrepreneurs improve their businesses and add value to their communities and to the country in general. Kevin operates under the Dan Sullivan “helium philosophy”…. the higher you help others rise… the higher you go with them. In his spare time Kevin spends time traveling the world, surfing and exploring the cultures, foods, and religions of the world! Kevin Donahue is a sales and marketing expert and strategist.

His background goes from selling multi-million dollar enterprise software solutions to opening and running a retail store to running an online business and even a high end boutique hotel in Costa Rica. Kevin has worked with several high profile clients like the White House, the World Bank, the US Department of Homeland Security and many other private companies. He has spoken to audiences from the US, South America and Europe. Kevin currently does work with Joe Polish and Piranha Marketing helping to grow the I Love Marketing brand and expand the Genius Network Mastermind. The Genius Network Mastermind is the highest level mastermind in the world for direct response marketers and entrepreneurs.