We progress through this life often believing that our past experiences define us. We may believe we are essentially good, but have specific self-defeating theories that limit what we think we can achieve. Jason Hartman interviews life coach, Laurie Gerber of Handel Group® Life Coaching, about eliminating these falsehoods and overcoming road blocks to success. Laurie explains her five steps for creating wealth based on the Handel Method®. These are of course, applicable to any area of life. Change your mind. Find your role model. Make your plan. Keep promises and keep track. Go for it!

Laurie also talks about the “chicken” and the “brat” in each of us. We can make every excuse in the book for not pursuing and following through with our dreams. They sound legitimate in our heads, but if we’re honest with ourselves, they are just excuses that prevent us from realizing our goals.

Handel uses many different methods, beginning with a dreaming exercise and moving into purging all the negativity surrounding those dreams. Then the coaches guide you through the development of Personal Integrity® using the tools of promises and consequences. Developing Personal Integrity® is what gets people empowered to change themselves, their lives and the world.

Laurie Gerber is President of Handel Group® Life Coaching (HGLC) and an expert life coach herself. Passionate about personal development, Laurie has been coaching individuals and groups for 15 years. Laurieoversees 20 coaches in their work with clients on improving all areas of life.

Laurie’s personal and professional mission is to change the world by teaching people to tell the truth and pursue their dreams. For the majority of her adult life, Laurie has been teaching and coaching adults and children in a variety of settings including lectures, discussion groups, seminars, classroom teaching, tutoring and one-on-one coaching. Laurie holds a degree in Education and Political Science from Swarthmore College, along with her teaching certification.

She leads large groups at Kripalu Center, Esalen Institute, Equinox Fitness, Soho House, the JCC of Manhattan and Natural Health Magazine’s Women’s Wellness Weekends. She regularly blogs for The Daily Love, Huffington Post, Crazy Sexy Wellness, Dr. Frank Lipman, HGLC’s own weekly newsletter and more. Laurie’s rigorous yet loving coaching style was recently showcased in MTV’s True Life Special “I’m Getting A Second Chance.” In April 2012, she launched “Wake Up Your Week,” an on-going subscription to weekly live teleseminars.

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