Ira Rosen

Jason Hartman is joined by co-founder of Mojo Video Marketing, Ira Rosen to talk about strategic video marketing. Ira talks about the video revolution going on right now and the effect short, personal videos have on clients. He offers creative ideas to reach your targeted market and stay in front of your clients. He also talks about when to use a more professional approach to market products versus being more casual when building relationships by making an emotional connection. Ira explains the four elements to a video: Introduction, Subject Matter, Call to Action, and the “Wow” Factor. His suggestion is to put yourself in the shoes of the receiver of the video, thinking about what would make you smile or laugh or take notice.

Founded by two Ira Rosen and Cory Michael  Sanchez,  Mojo Video Marketing was formed in February 2009, from an idea written on a napkin at a burger joint in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then, Mojo has empowered countless entrepreneurs in 22 different countries, in over 70 industries, and has won the 2012 Marketer of the Year Award from the Phoenix Business Journal. Known as one of the fastest growing companies in Arizona, Mojo is committed to helping entrepreneurs grow their business locally, nationally and internationally. Their mission is to develop new and innovative products and strategies to help business owners to communicate with more impact through the power of video.

Ira Rosen & Cory Michael Sanchez are global leaders in local marketing, video and mobile media. They are well known for effective strategies and techniques that build a 7 figure business on autopilot, and can teach any company to do so whether they are a start up or a veteran business with decades of experience. They are well known for speaking in front of large groups of entrepreneurs and sales teams worldwide and delivering amazing, game changing content and inspiring and motivating immediate action and momentum. Mojo has worked with well known entrepreneurs such as Mark Victor Hanson, author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Les Brown, #1 motivational speaker in the world, Andy Jenkins (Blair Witch Project), and many other nationally known business leaders.

Ira Rosen has been an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word for four decades. He has successfully created, run, and sold numerous MULTI MILLION dollar companies. At age 30, he was a pioneer in auto leasing and the country’s youngest new car auto dealer with multiple franchises. He has also had one of the most successful medical weight loss clinics in the entire country employing doctors, fitness trainers, nurses, dietitians, and psychologists in the mid-90’s. During this time Ira and his elite medical team successfully treated and empowered over 10,000 patients. Over the years Ira has acted as a trusted advisor to executives in the board room as well as two 18 year old entrepreneurs who had $20, a dream, and a business plan on the back of a napkin. Ira has proven to be nationally recognized as an innovative marketing strategist, pioneering numerous complicated, creative break-through market solutions.

Ira has been an avid running enthusiast his entire life. He has run numerous marathons around the country. Most recently Ira ran the P.F. Chang with his two daughters. Ira started running at age 15 and has logged over 75,000 miles (once around the earth is 25,000 miles) he is currently working on his 4th lap. Ira also was a Champion high school and college wrestler and also an Olympic team alternate. His passion is to create a global initiative for today’s struggling entrepreneur that will educate and motivate millions to their true potential.

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