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With the advancement of Smartphone cameras and streaming video through social media and YouTube, raw photos and videos are in higher demand and more available. Jason Hartman interviews Rawporter founders, Kevin Davis and Rob Gaige about the wide uses of raw photos and videos and how the Rawporter App works.

Rawporter helps media outlets large and small source the content. Kevin and Rob talk about the value of common every day content, such as photos or videos of family and friends’ activities, as well as premium content like behind-the-scenes events, car accidents or a natural disaster as it happens. They explain that media outlets are looking for first-hand footage, on-location and on-demand, and the media is willing to pay for it.

Kevin has come full circle with the launch of Rawporter. He got his first taste of media as an intern at MTV and his professional career started behind the scenes in TV production. After several years on -air at a handful of radio stations, he eventually moved into a variety of Business Development and Marketing roles at numerous Media properties and two of the largest financial services companies in the world. Now he’s back in Media, newly inspired by advances in technology and the voracious consumer appetite to consume content. Kevin has always had a passion for photography and is thrill to be able to apply this and his Business Development expertise to help make Rawporter a household name.

After quickly realizing that he was a horrible English teacher, Rob settled into the much easier world of corporate America. He saw the highs of an up-and-coming AOL, and the lows of a down-and-out financial services company. In between, he’s marketed everything from women’s facial moisturizers at Johnson & Johnson to chicken prosciutto tortellini at Nestle. Now he’s embracing his escape from middle management and excited to build the Rawporter brand from scratch. Rob’s always been passionate about other cultures and world politics. He sees Rawporter as a great way for people around the world to share their untold stories.

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