Speaking at free seminars and other free venues is a great way for professionals in the industry and small business owners to promote their brand. By giving away knowledge at no cost, you can offer the audience something genuinely useful, and benefit from it at the same time.

Mutually Beneficial

As a business man, Jason Hartman knows public speaking is a powerful tool to create a brand. However, this is only applicable if your speech is mutually beneficial to you and the audience. It’s not practical to jump on stage and relentlessly pitch sales to the audience. Instead, it’s best to offer something to the audience which doesn’t just sound like a sales pitch.

To do this, simply provide useful information during the speech. Tell the audience how to do something, or offer them information they’ll find interesting and can apply to their daily lives or careers. Give them something to think about, but don’t forget to add a plug. The entire presentation shouldn’t be about pushing sales, but if there’s nothing in the speech about your business and what it can offer the audience, you’ll be wasting a good opportunity.

Free Promotion

Free speaking is also a free promotion opportunity. It’s one of the best ways to let people know what your business does, and what it can do for them without spending a dime on PR efforts. Also, it couldn’t hurt to set up a little stand towards the back of the room selling your book or CD’s and handing out pamphlets to make a little money off the gig. If the audience likes what you have to say, they’ll likely take a look at what else you have to offer.

Be Seen as an Expert

Many people regard public speakers as experts from the moment they step onto the stage. Particularly in highly respected functions and events. Once you give them a speech they’ll never forget, even if it’s just an acceptable one, they’re likely to walk away from the event feeling assured that you’re an expert in your brand.

Sell Yourself

Be as prepared as possible for the speech ahead to give yourself the best opportunity available to sell your brand to the audience. Before presenting any kind of sales pitch, it’s necessary to establish credibility. This can be done by engaging the audience and letting them know exactly why they showed up to the event. Get right to the point, use eye contact whenever possible, and provide them with valuable information. Make them feel as if you’re speaking to each one of them individually, before starting a sales pitch.

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The Speaking of Wealth Team