On this episode of Speaking of Wealth, Jason Hartman invites Amish Shah to share his story of his outstanding success as an internet entrepreneur. Amish talks about how his vision and attitude changed throughout his journey until everything became aligned to lead to many successful endeavors. One lesson Amish learned was to not be too attached to the money, but more to the creation and how it’s going to make one feel. For more details, listen at: www.SpeakingofWealth.com. Belief and passion are the real catalysts to innovative entrepreneurialship, while focusing on the revenue of the business tends to bring one down. Amish is really into personal development and is passionate about helping others learn the secrets to personal achievement and enlightenment. He believes that with success, you should also give back. Amish also talks about the limiting beliefs many entrepreneurs, many people, tend to have, and how it is possible to combine fun and passion while making money. Although Amish Shah is an expert in many areas, he is best described as a savvy new-age internet entrepreneur. Amish is a visionary and a futurist with many of his ideas and concepts being larger than life. Amish is best known for developing automated tools and software as well as his impressive traffic strategies. He is also very popular from his popular “Magic Bullet” courses and seminars as well as his record-setting 6-figure daily affiliate marketing earnings that changed the face of affiliate marketing forever and created a buzz no one will soon forget. Do you remember all that buzz about the “$100k Man”? That was him!

Amish successfully dominated the affiliate marketing scene through his company, DigiSpace, and moved on to develop the Magic Bullet System that taught clients how to build successful affiliate marketing businesses. DigiSpace was named the 60th fastest-growing advertising and marketing company in the United States, as well as the 10th fastest-growing in San Diego, CA by INC Magazine. Amish is a very sought after consultant to high-end clients and businesses looking to expand or increase the results of their internet-based marketing and advertising strategies, as well as build their business and increase their bottom lines. Today, Amish continues to work hard to improve himself through personal growth and development. He has learned through his constant growth process to always think positive and not let the little things in life get him down. His successes have grabbed both local and national attention. His companies have even been nationally recognized by some of the most prestigious recognitions available for their success and exponential growth. Amish is a marketer, mentor, teacher and an idol for anyone that wishes to break from the chains and stereotypes that may surround them and achieve more than they ever thought possible, by believing in themselves and never giving up. Amish has developed apps and marketing tools, as well as courses, such as The App Code, Mass Scale Impact, and is currently writing a book entitled Before You’re Rich. More about Amish Shah can be found at his website, www.amish-shah.com.

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Jason Hartman: My pleasure to welcome Amish Shah to the show. You may have heard his name. He is a very innovate internet entrepreneur and author, and he is got a big vision about some things in the world and about entrepreneurship and the future. Amish, welcome how are you?

Amish: Good. How are you?

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. So you are in Southern California where I just moved from. I lived in New Port Beach, and now I am in Scottsdale Arizona, and how are things out there?

Amish: Its very good. It’s very nice out here. Its probably you know [60 0:02:09] today which is unusually actually cold for this time of the year.

Jason Hartman: I know it is. We have that cold wave all over.

Amish: So it’s interesting but yeah it’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful yeah.

Jason Hartman: Well, he — tell us a little bit about your work if you would and your vision specifically when I say that Amish really into the video on your website that just talks about entrepreneurship and there is big vision of the future.

Amish: Sure. So basically I have to say it kind of started about ever since I was younger I always had this vision to create a business and something really, really massive, and along the way I kind of you know built several businesses, several multi-million dollar businesses as well, and along the way I kind of had like some shift, and about a year to a year and a half ago, I had a major shift where I realized that I just wasn’t really happy with my business anymore, and I didn’t know why because I lost the passion for the business, and it was something and they really, couldn’t really figure out, and I didn’t understand why like I had everything that I ever want to have successful businesses you know nice cars nice house and like all that — I just found that something wasn’t right and there was something that was internal, and so I realized that I wasn’t passionate about what I was doing anymore because that I wasn’t actually following my heart, and at some point yes I was building the business to follow like my true passion, but somewhere along the line I lost that passion, and I lost that, like that feeling that I had, and it became more about the money.

Jason Hartman: Just so listeners can get a perspective which business was that that you are referring to?

Amish: This is Digispace Solutions.

Jason Hartman: And that’s affiliate marketing or what kind of business was it?

Amish: So what we did was we did a little bit of affiliate marketing. We also sold information products, and also sold technology so we had the software as well.

Jason Hartman: Okay and give us, just so we can understand may be some of the reasons you were feeling as you were. Did you have employees in an office, was it a virtual company? What kind of scale was it that kind of thing?

Amish: Yeah sure. So the company was actually based out of San Diego. We had a couple of virtual employees. I actually first started this business. I used to live in New Jersey and I first started the business in 2004 in New Jersey and around 2008 I just packed up my bags, and I drove out to California just because like I want to live in California and my business was doing pretty good, felt like alright, let me get out there.

Within one to two years actually within one year of moving to California my business had pretty much quadrupled, so I was making about a million to $2 million here to literally jumping to about $5 million, or for $6 million a year, and other that’s huge, huge tremendous growth so we opened up an office down here. We had about 12 people, and then we had about five people virtually so we had almost like a 17% company at that point. And we actually made that Inc. 500 too, so we were the 10th fastest growing private company in San Diego and the 60th fastest growing private, advertising and marketing company in the USA.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic.

Amish: So we are like making, we are making waves, and we had a decently sized company as like is anywhere between 15 to 17 employees, and we sold software. We did a lot of affiliate marketing. We did a lot of information products, and the most popular one was the Magic Bullet system which was also followed up with seminars that we had was very successful. We had the rooms with like 4 to 500 people at most of our seminars, and so we were having tremendous growth at the point, but again like I was mentioning something just didn’t feel right. It just didn’t feel right.

It was something that I wasn’t curious anymore, and I didn’t actually realize until I started looking internally. The kind of figuring out like you know why am I not happy with everything else going on. I had a Inc. 500 company. I am driving around with all these nice fancy cars, and I have like a beautiful house that overlooks ocean but you know its like a beautiful scene and it just doesn’t hit me like I didn’t know what was going on. I had recently just gotten married to and I was like wow, this was my life is awesome, but I am not happy with my business. And it’s because I’ve just lost the passion for what I was doing because it came about the money instead of actually doing what I actually loved doing.

Jason Hartman: The journey you are probably describing although I am not sure because you haven’t finished the story yet is the issue and I think there was a book with a similar title back in the 90s about moving from success to significance and you have the success, but there was something missing as you say.

Amish: So I was kind of like stuck in this world, and I didn’t know what, and I realized that I was going faster what I was passionate about, what I was happy about. Yes I like affiliate marketing. Yes I like driving traffic and traffic is like one of my biggest strengths like driving online traffic to website campaigns and offers and building tools around that, but I just wasn’t happy.

I know that ever since I was younger I want to build a business that was much bigger that something I can change the world something that’s kind of radically transform the way we are as human beings, and like kind of consciousness as a whole, and so I kind of either I lost the passion of the business I kind of you don’t feel motivated to even work.

You don’t feel motivated to do anything. I was also kind of in a business relationship that I wasn’t happy with so combining all this different kind of stuff, and everything all combines. I kind of just stopped trying and I started focusing more on like what are the things that I like doing like I started a mobile app company. You know I love games and I love things like that so I started a mobile app company around that time, and I have this reason to build a billion dollar company that’s and I know it sounds crazy, but I actually had the vision.

This is around last October to build a billion dollar company that was like my — I was like I want to build a billion dollar company that’s going to transform the world as it is so exactly what? I said alright so let me start with mobile apps first. Its like they seem like its on the rise. It seems like it’s a new fresh market and may be I can do something with that, and so I did that, and around April of this year I got a — since I kind of like ”stopped trying” in my main business which was just as kind of lost hope, and I just didn’t want to do anything with anymore. And I was like, you know what, whatever happens, happens with my business partner have been, he will figure out right. So I was [unintelligible 0:08:54] on around last April I got approached by a group of investors from Canada. And they said hey we are looking to start a mobile app company and I said that’s interesting. And now that I am —

Jason Hartman: Serendipity.

Amish: Yeah its like once you align yourself with your purpose like, and you just kind of fall into place, and so they are like okay. So why don’t they wanted to acquire my mobile app company. At this time I had about 40 or 50 apps in the apps marketplace generating a little bit of money. It wasn’t like oh my god, and it wasn’t like spectacular wow, but it was generating a little bit of money. They were like hey, how about we just acquire you and we start a new company and we go on to these things together. And I was like wow that’s pretty cool.

And this was a publicly traded company so I ended up selling that company and joining for instance with them, and I had a vision basically to build this mobile app company into something that’s larger than life. And I’m going to explain to you what’s that really is, but before I do that so then like a couple of months later, couple of months while I was still planning this process. They go hey, what it would take for you to be full-time and kind of with this team, and this the mobile app company called Bitzio, so its Bitzio and so as I started thinking about it like what would it pay since I want to be really passionate about this mobile app company. I have to somehow basically sell my other company so that I can focus on this big client like big time, and so basically as I start to do that they basically Bitzio approached us.

Well, Bitzio was my app company. They have said why don’t we just buy out you other company too, and I was just completely floored when they said, why would you want to buy like an affiliate marketing product company and rolled into a mobile app company. They said well, we are buying newly talent, and your vision to build the company that’s pretty crazy, so that was pretty interesting. So its like they bought the company, so then they acquired Digispace, and now we have, we are in the process of basically executing all the different like we are building software and tools for mobile apps for developers who are consumers anyone for basically in the world to create an app whether its an app about the [bills 0:11:09] whether its an app they want to share with the world just anything that allows anyone to express themselves.

Now, they can put that into an app, and that’s what we are building and the long term build that it is, and so basically we are working on — we are working with another team that has technology that actually is it’s a healing technology. And the technology is basically what it does is it kind of looks like a cell phone, and what it does that it meets frequencies that are healing for your body, so the ultimate goal of this new company is to take eventually mobile apps and build our own cell phone that actually heals people that are like emitting like EMS that are actually currently being admitted by cell phones, and so that’s the goal to build like a billion dollar company that’s going to transform the world because anyone can build a billion dollar company and like whether its actually helping the world is a different question and so that is put before you.

Jason Hartman: Well, the first thing is I don’t know my friend if anyone can build a billion dollar company, but I get what you are saying. You know you’ve got a company with a real contribution so that’s fantastic.

Amish: Couple of lessons that I kind of learned along the way you know this practicing was kind of like the non-attachment and I realized though it was so attached to the gist of the company that I was so attached to the money and the name, and I built this company from 2004 I have to kind of it was like follow it through and then believe in it and make it go, and I just let it go, and I let it go like around January or December of last year, or December or January I live here this side, January I lived here I think, and I just started practicing kind of like non-attachment to actual money of business with more to basically what I want to do and allowing myself with that, and once that happened basically all the pieces its fall into the place that’s so beautiful about following your path of what’s you — what really makes you happy is basically everything just falls into place, and its just how that life works. So that’s like, kind of like one of the biggest messages that I got from the whole kind of process that’s been happening.

Jason Hartman: Yeah so that’s a very Zen like philosophy to just let it fall into place, not be attached to the outcome and I definitely agree with you that being I mean I think we all need to be somewhat attached to the outcome otherwise we have no skin in the game so to speak, but when people are too attached I think what it does a lot of times is it causes them not to take risks that may be they should take the prudent risk, they can speak overly cautious or overly hasty with things. What else would you say about that, and is there another kernel of wisdom there other than just not being overly attached?

Amish: Yeah there is a couple of things too, and as I think a lot of it has to do it. You said you don’t be, you kind of have to be attached to the outcome, and that’s fine. You can be attached to the certain outcome, but I don’t think that outcome should be money, it should be happiness, it should be what’s going to make you happy and then you will see that kind of money just kind of follow that no matter what so I think that’s kind of like another nuggets that I kind of got along the way is that although you used to definitely have some kind of goals and outcomes and visions of what you want to create, but it should be not what your — not the revenue that you are going to bring in, and it shouldn’t be what you are actually creating and how that’s going to make you feel that’s really what you should kind of be attached to.

Jason Hartman: Do you think then you should that a lot of that really comes when someone believes in something, they have an obvious passion for it because I think the true entrepreneurship is not really about money at all. I mean money comes as a result of the passion that the person feels, and the belief that they have and what they are doing, and what they are doing is making a difference, gosh I have said this many times. I love what I do so much, I do it for free, but heck the money comes, and its great to have the money too. But its not that the money doesn’t make me get up in the morning.

Amish: Yeah.

Jason Hartman: I just love doing it. It’s just a really fulfilling thing in my different business in that, and I love them all for different reasons. I mean there are different types of businesses, so I guess the reason I am saying that is because there are people who would also be called entrepreneurs may be they go to franchise expos and they are always looking for a business, any business that makes money whether it would be fast coin or coin operate or londermats, or dog washing stores or whatever you can think about there, but its not — they don’t have a passion for.

They are just looking for a business. That’s really more of an investment almost than it is an entrepreneurial advantage, and I would also say this and actually this is like criticism really of some people, internet marketer type people or people in may be the network marketing space I think would also apply to that are always kind of jumping from the one hot deal to another, and they don’t have any like real belief in it. They are just marketing this thing, and they know how to generate traffic because its you know you are all just bringing money but —

Amish: Yeah I completely agree. Its like you know its — when I am sort of building the company, I didn’t, I built it because I wanted, I didn’t want to work my 9:00 to 5:00 and I had this, and I just wanted to kind of be happy and I didn’t want to work anymore, but I just couldn’t work for anything that was like my biggest thing, and I always wanted to start the business, and I always liked my vision, and I didn’t care about the money. I didn’t think about the money, right?

I just knew that I wanted to build a business that I can be financially stable, and I don’t have to live like a life of going to work, coming back and like having this living that everyday 9:00 to 5:00 Monday kind of business. I mean for some people absolutely okay. Some people actually enjoy doing that, and they want to climb up the corporate ladder, and that’s completely fine but that wasn’t for me that’s not what I wanted to do, so I built the business.

And along the way as I actually started developing this, and I started developing the software I had so much passion and love for this business, but then once money like really started pouring in that became so just more on the actual money than actually building out what the vision of the money is going to be. And as you said its just like I didn’t want to get up in the morning, I didn’t feel like entering emails, I didn’t want to get on any calls, I didn’t want to do anything, and so a lot of people had to just kind of realize that its that like making the money part of the business is okay, and its fine.

I mean its obviously a great thing to have a lot of money and to be successful, but its also, it can also bring you down a little bit unless you mention before, and you know there is a lot of people who will go out, and it jump from one thing to the next thing, to the next thing, to the next thing. And you feel that what we come and we refer it like the shiny object pendulum syndrome right? And that’s something that’s going to like you said it that’s not sustainable. It’s not like long term planning. Its just like you are jumping around, you are trying to make some quick bucks, and then you are just going to keep jumping around, jumping around instead of actually focusing on what is it that really truly make you happy, and what are you passionate about in going after that?

Jason Hartman: Let me take a brief pause. We will be back in just a minute.

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Jason Hartman: Tell us a little bit about your business. We sort of talked out, we started off with kind of the philosophical side and that the reason you made some changes in your life, and the way that those brought you to even greater success, but tell us what you do now, I mean what are your days filled with, and what businesses are you engaged in now?

Amish: So basically what I am looking on now is a couple of things. One of which is obviously the mobile company that I was just talking about. It’s a mobile apps company at the moment right now we are not really getting into the [hardware 0:19:46], we want to generate some revenue first, and that company is called Bitzio and what we are doing is we are building a platform that basically combines consumers, developers, and entrepreneurs together by basically lowering the barrier entry for entrepreneurs to go and start an app business or create apps, allowing the consumers in open marketplace for them to share and review and look at different apps that they are interested in, and a place for the developers to learn and use our tools to learn how to market their apps whether across selling your apps or putting in different streams and monetizing your apps, how to get your apps ranked in the top 10, top 50, top 100 so giving developers tools that they can use to help increase their revenue with their current apps, so basically bridging the gap that kind of that we see in the mobile community right now which is you know the entrepreneurs and developers are different and the consumers and the developers don’t really talk that much so we want to bridge the gap between all three of those in the mobile app space by building a community with utilizing our software, and doing some information on product as well because that’s how its so hugely important for all of it.

Jason Hartman: In information product on teaching people how to develop in market mobile apps?

Amish: Exactly yeah.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic.

Amish: And providing software to help them do that as well.

Jason Hartman: And so in that business, I mean do you have programmers and people that are actually creating this apps, or is it a –?

Amish: Yeah we have a couple of in-house companies. We acquired a couple more. We acquired two companies recently, so we are going pretty fast. Yeah we have programmers and across all of our apps. We actually have close to 40 to 50 million installs across all of our apps, so we are growing at a pretty rapid rate, and its really cool because we figured out a system on how to create app and how to market them, so that anyone even developer that currently has apps and market them, and then actually start seeing some results as part of them. And the company is actually right now we are probably about, probably around 15 people or so. We are looking on acquiring an offshore component which has 60 people actually, so the offshore component we might grow, the company might grow, and the next month would be from 15 to 75.

Jason Hartman: That’s a big leap in a month, certainly is.

Amish: Yeah so outside of the mobile business, I also focused a lot on myself. I do a lot of like I was saying in the last year and a half period. I have always been into personal development and stuff like that, but I never actually made it public knowledge. I never actually told people like, I am into personal development, and its just kind of slowly swallowed me along the way so I just always post things on my Facebook and people would start liking the comments and they are all just like daily like quotes I will just makeup you know, live life wonderfully today or like make sure you make decisions not excuses and just daily advice to people that have things that I realize I am doing along that I need to fix.

I post that on my Facebook so other people can see kind of what I am going to do, and make those decisions for themselves as well, and so its that kind of another piece of it that I am doing with my personal brand which is a kind of like I guess you can say my Amish Shah brand is I am doing a couple of things. I am in the process of writing a book which is called Before You Are Rich and its basically the subtitle is Things To Know To Become A Millionaire And Be A Millionaire, and the reason why I really become and be is because its exactly what we talked about it before. It goes from success and significance, and there is a big difference between the two, so Things To Know To Become A Millionaire And Be A Millionaires, and also in my personal brand I am building out more products that are — I realized that the entrepreneur is a lot of entrepreneurs and a lot of people who wants to start the business has this major mental block. They have this glass ceiling that they can’t get passed in their business. It took a lot of — I see it across a lot of entrepreneurs.

People just seem like they have just a limited belief of like, what they can do, and what they are passionate about, and what they can achieve, so I am actually creating on the process of creating a course, and the course is actually going to basically combine business and your personal life, and see how it can be happy marriage because it can be happy marriage that people always say don’t bring your business into your personal life which is completely true, but and as I am actually building something that is fun and that you are passionate about and as you are making money while you are actually having a lot of fun doing that’s what’s beautiful about you know combing that, and I think I got it down.

I think I know I have it down to a pretty exact science and I call it pass because that’s kind of like a venture or something and you know we can get into that in a bit, but that’s kind of like you know you have to figure out where you are going and along the way this course will kind of teach you what you need to know, and what you shouldn’t watch for, and there is another right way to go about building a business, so you don’t kind of fall into the same rut and that’s really what it kind of comes down to, and like letting go of those limited beliefs that a lot of us has, and that’s pretty much it as far as my businesses, those two businesses I think so. And I started a non-profit recently which is pretty cool with my life.

Jason Hartman: Hey what’s your non-profit business?

Amish: So a non-profit right now we are in the process of where we just actually go it off all the way, and we are in the process of doing two things. Now, the non-profit is going to have two purposes. One of them is going to, and when I say, when I tell people yes you can do anything you want this is exactly one of those things that I want to do that I am going to do anything I want to put your minds so and you can achieve it, and you are going to do it, so there is this lost civilization of the west coast of India. Its been under water, and it could be — it could prove to be the oldest civilization known to man with one of their stuff that they’ve uncovered from the water because its been — it was a Tsunami that kind of not covered probably they are under submerged city I guess people would say have been dated back like thousands and thousands of years.

Some of the carbon dating was that to 10,000 years old which is very, very old you know what I think. Right now we have seen oldest civilizations kind of date back to I think 5,000 years ago or so and so this was something that the world that kind of needs to see and no one is actually doing things about it. This is like the knowledge that needs to be spread abound the world to see like where do we come from and that’s the oldest civilization and why aren’t we looking into. What is going on there?

They have the — they said it would be four times or five of Manhattan if they were on undo the whole entire like the kind of see the city from the top view by using sonograms and stuff like that, so its just interesting you know that when I said that I was – going to do it, I really want to do it. That’s one part of the foundation and the other part of the foundation is to go out to different countries and help under privileged children by building libraries or schools with much any schools that are focusing more on like arts and creativity, so its not just a school for them to like learn and things like that, but may be a chance to play an instrument or for them to paint or to something that’s utilizing the right side of the brain so that its more creation other than like studying the number system and things like that, and obviously they need a good education, but they also need an outlet for them to express themselves, so we kind of combining the two where we want to start an organization where we can saw a little school where we can actually train them to become divers, so yeah those were the kind of like two missions that were kind of started probably later this year. Sorry not this year later next year, and yeah we are just going out and spend a couple of months and set it all up, and get it started.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. Well, hey before you go Amish tell us about the 100k man?

Amish: 100k man was a term that I was coined a $100,000 a day, or $100,000 a day man that’s what they called me. and the reason is about let’s see its been about two, three years ago, probably say about three, two, or three years ago, we were running affiliate marketing campaigns and all kinds of different kind of campaign, marketing campaign and consecutively we were hitting $100,000 a day in gross profit every single day, and this was going on for a very long time, so we are just like that’s where I got the name because I actually showed people my stats, and I was like look at this stats. It’s over a $100,000 and it’s kind of crazy to think that you can do that much for so long, right?

Jason Hartman: Oh yeah.

Amish: And that kind of where I got the, where like the name was coming from.

Jason Hartman: And what were you marketing when you were doing that?

Amish: All kinds of different offers really. It really depends on we probably at that time had like 80, no I want to say probably like 80 different offer that we are promoting, so we were doing all kinds of different offers where it should be like selling software. It should be promoting on different kinds of CPA offers. It would be promoting different kinds of offers from commission junction, and just basically being the affiliate so we didn’t have any customers and it may be just entering traffic, and that is actually the system that we built. And we built the system that would like kind of optimize it, and look at it, and kind of like build it out automatically kind of self optimization tool, and that’s actually what we ended up selling to the public market. We figured if we needed it’s probably a lot of other people who want something like this.

Jason Hartman: Well, good stuff Amish Shah, affiliate marketer, technology geek, traffic guru and business growth master. Thank you so much for sharing these insights with us today. Give out your website if you would so people can learn more.

Amish: Yeah sure its amish-shah.com.

Jason Hartman: Excellent. This is been a good talk about moving from success to significance and we really appreciate it today. It’s not all about money and I think anybody who is had the good fortune to earn lots of money at some point in their life knows that. People that are still climbing that ladder may not know it yet, so it’s going to know it advance, and is your book out yet? No it’s not finished yet right.

Amish: No it’s not finished yet. I am still working on it. Definitely, not a lot of restrictions in writing a book so it’s an interesting task.

Jason Hartman: Well, hey we are looking forward to that. That’s called Before You Are Rich and thanks so much for joining us today.

Amish: Thank you.

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