The Speaking of Wealth Show, hosted by megapreneur, Jason Hartman, has soared past 50 episodes in recent weeks and set sail for 100. While the count sits at 72 as we speak, it seems that a quick review of the best of our first podcasts to date is in order. Close your mouth and try not to contain your enthusiasm. Bet you didn’t realize the amazing variety of stuff Jason’s been up to on the interviewing front.

As threatened, here’s a sampling:

Speaking of Wealth #21Harvey Mackay Interview – “Join Jason as he sits down with best-selling author – Swim With the Sharks (Without Being Eaten Alive) – and top motivational speaker, Harvey Mackay. We dare you not to learn something from this interview.

Speaking of Wealth #23Self-Publishing Success with Dan Poynter – “There are self-publishers and then there are SELF-PUBLISHERS, and Dan Poynter is one of the latter. If you’ve ever had the urge to skip the traditional approach to publication, Dan is the guru.”

Speaking of Wealth #27How to Become a Famous Writer Before You’re Dead – “Some call her the Indiana Jones of literature but we just call her a darn good interview. On this episode Jason talks with author, editor, and literary coach, Ariel Gore, about how to see your words in print and your name in lights.”

Speaking of Wealth #34Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Awesomeness – “Josh Shipp is the host of the television show Jump Shipp and author of The Teens Guide to World Domination. As an inspiring youth motivational speaker, Josh works hard at encouraging young people to overcome their struggles and live life to the fullest. Good interview.”

Speaking of Wealth #39Achieving Rock Star Status in Your Industry – “Jason Hartman sits down for a talk with Craig Duswalt to discuss Craig’s RockStar System for Success. As a Axl Rose’s (Guns N’ Roses) former personal manager and also a former personal assistant to Air Supply, this guy knows what he’s talking about, and brings his lessons from the road to entrepreneurs from every walk of life.”

Beginning with podcast #48, Jason decided to change the emphasis of the Speaking of Wealth website and blog, and focus on a new medium that has been so instrumental in his own success over the past few years. We’re talking about podcasting. There are already a couple dozen great podcasts on podcasting posted and plenty more in the pipeline. Stay tuned to learn more about the technology that’s making America forget newspapers ever existed. (Top image: Flickr | Lars Ploughmann)

The Speaking of Wealth Team