Speaking of Wealth with Jason Hartman: JJ Ramberg, MSNBC Your Business

JJ Ramberg founded Goodshop with her brother, Ken. They came up with the idea when JJ was covering the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and wanted to find a way to allow people to support causes that were important to them. JJ uses Goodshop personally to raise money for FARE to try and find a cure for life threatening food allergies, which her daughter and her nephew have.

She also hosts “Your Business” on MSNBC and wrote the bestseller, It’s Your Business.

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] What Goodshop is and how it can be used for very good causes

[5:25] How the consumer uses Goodshop to fund their cause, and also potentially save money doing it

[7:50] The one question you can ask your employees to drive their work to the next level

[11:25] The importance of switching jobs with your business partner from time to time

[13:55] The contractor vs employee dynamic, and how to evaluate (and how OFTEN to evaluate) the people working for you