It was only a few short years ago that podcasting coasted along the avante garde edge of indie affectation, but now the independent spirit of podcasting has nearly completed the evolutionary process into a mainstream medium. Even though podcasting has come a long ways towards mass acceptance over the course of a handful of years, you should keep in mind it is still in the infant stage of the robust presence it is sure to become, which makes RIGHT NOW the perfect time to step in with your brand and make a million. Or ten.

At this point in history it seems like Web 2.0 outlets are everywhere, though it’s a safe assumption that “we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Is the opportunity analogous to 1985-era Bill Gates leading the personal computer revolution by releasing the first version of the Windows operating system? Or maybe Steve Jobs, who had a similar impact on the world under the auspices of Apple’s Macintosh computers, then went on to recreate a mind boggling string of subsequent devices that captured the world’s fancy.

The point is these two men were there at the beginning of something big and had the good sense (and skill) to seize the day. Maybe you won’t build the podcasting equivalent of Microsoft, but there’s someone out there right now in the early stages of implementing podcasting technology in order to build a business empire that will make the world sit up and take notice. It could be you.

It’s not too late to lead the podcasting charge into the future, but in six months it could be. Another phrase to ponder – he (or she) who hesitates is lost. Don’t be the remorseful entrepreneur standing on the sidelines two years from now, kicking yourself, wishing you had taken action when you read this. To those wondering whether there’s any money to be made in podcasting, remember that Speaking of Wealth founder, Jason Hartman, pioneered his own real world case study when he realized his Creating Wealth Show podcast had grossed $10 million over just a few years.

The profit potential in this new medium is definitely there. The only question remaining is will you seek it? (Top image: Flickr | mikebaird)

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