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While PPIN would like to verify the details of properties offered through its network, it isn’t possible to check every aspect of every property everywhere in the country. Therefore, it is very important for prospective investors to inspect properties in person whenever possible and to do their own due diligence as to the condition of the property, the features of the neighborhood, community facilities and regional demographics before writing a purchase offer and/or entering into a contract to buy.

Also, neither PPIN nor its agents or affiliates can guarantee that any property will appreciate or be cash flow positive either from close of escrow or during subsequent periods. Therefore, it is essential that investors have adequate financial reserves to cover periods of vacancy, instances of late or uncollectible rents, fix-up and maintenance costs, legal fees for evictions and related actions, and management fees. It is also essential that investors not over-leverage themselves and purchase more property than they can reasonably afford.

Investing is an uncertain endeavor. The future is unpredictable even to those who profess to have exceptional forecasting abilities. Therefore, price appreciation of property cannot be assured, actual rental income may vary from expected levels and many circumstances may change over time. In fact, during periodic down cycles in real estate, prices can and do fall, sometimes significantly. Nobody can guarantee that such price declines will not occur, or that if they do occur, it is only a matter of time before they return to or exceed previous price levels. The same is true for rents. Under certain market conditions, rents do tend to increase year over year. However, during periods of economic downturn or recession, rents can decrease as the number of qualified tenants declines or the number of rental properties on the market expands. There can be no assurances that if rents do fall, that they will shortly return to previous high levels. That is another reason why investors must have adequate financial resources (cash) to avoid default, foreclosure or a reduction in their life styles as they divert resources to maintaining their rental properties.

The PPIN’s INVESTOR NETWORK is an affiliation of brokers, sales agents and management companies that are independently owned and operated and are not under the management or control of PPIN. While PPIN may receive compensation in the form of referral fees, no employment or agency relationships exist between PPIN and the affiliated individuals and companies referred to above. Any claims, representations or statements of fact made by brokers, agents, management companies or their representatives should be verified independently by the investor before entering into any purchase agreement.

By using any of the services offered through this website and/or by participating in PPIN – sponsored events or by purchasing property through referrals from PPIN INVESTOR NETWORK, investors waive any and all claims against PPIN, it’s presenters, speakers, agents or employees that may arise from statements, actions, representations, recommendations or warrantees made by referred real estate agents, loan brokers, property managers, new home builders, sales agents or vendors. PPIN will rely on this waiver as a condition for referring investors to those referred to above.

In general, PPIN acts as a facilitator, or matchmaker, between investors, brokers and/or properties. As in relationships, a matchmaker introduces two hopefully compatible parties, but whether they live together happily ever after is up to them once the introduction is made. PPIN is NOT qualified to advise on tax or legal matters so be sure to consult an appropriate professional for tax or legal advice.


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