Author 2.0Author 1.0 was screwed. Their primary choice for success was to practice the fine art of rejection until an agent or traditional publisher took pity and signed ’em up. Next step was to bend over and grab your ankles, preparing to be happy with the royalty scraps thrown your way. Forget all that stuff! Author 2.0 is here to save the day. This time you control the game…well, sort of.

Problem is the Internet is so vast and the opportunities so fragmented, how is a budding author/publisher to choose which avenue to take in his pursuit of catching a whiff of sales? Speaking of Wealth is here to boil it all down for you in three simple steps – notice we didn’t say easy – just simple.

1. Decide on Your Brand / Goals. Pay attention here Mr. Author 2.0. Don’t just go nilly willy over the Internet splashing yourself on Facebook here, digging a bit on StumbleUpon over there. First, decide what you want to do with your brand and the the exact identity you want to be seen as. What are your goals? That’s the sixty-thousand dollar question. Sell a million books? Have a something to give away at presentations? You’ve got to decide this before going on to step 2.

2. Your Online Hub. Many authors choose to use a blog as their primary means to interact with people but it’s up to you. The goal is to have a centralized location where people can come to find out about your book(s). Maybe you prefer Facebook or Squidoo. Doesn’t really matter, just make sure all your marketing efforts focus on driving traffic to the center of your hub.

3. Choose one Social Media Outlet.  It’s impossible to thoroughly cover all the social media choices out there, so why not pick one and do it very well? Any of the biggies will work fine. Begin building relationships with people through sincere conversation and sharing. You might be surprised how eager your followers will be to buy your book after a few months spent gaining their trust.

There. Now you have starting point to become Author 2.0. Stop whining and spinning in circles. If you just do these three things and nothing else you’ll be ahead of 90% of the your competition, and the results will speak for themselves.

The Speaking of Wealth Team

Speaking of Wealth

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