become a writerOverheard on Main Street in Any Town, America: “I’ve got this great idea for a book.” Whether cold, hard truth based on personal experience or completely fabricated fiction, there’s something down deep in the well of the human spirit yearning to become a writer. We don’t know what or why but it’s there. We know it because at Speaking of Wealth we’ve experienced it ourselves – the deeply seeded need to share ideas through the medium of the written word.

The good news is that to become a writer is easier than ever before. With ebooks, the internet, and print-on-demand technology, literally anyone can crank out paragraphs and call themselves a writer. The trick, as it has been throughout the centuries, is to get someone (or a lot of them) to read what you’ve written.

For the budding entrepreneur, writing can be an explosive business building tool to advance your status as an expert in your field, especially when it comes to having written and published a traditional book the reader can hold in his hand. Plus, you sell or give them away at speaking gigs. A well written book might be the best business card you ever had, and keep in mind that a book given away can be a powerful persuasive to encourage additional purchases down the road.

So, exactly how does one become a writer? It’s easy – write, write, write. And having something imaginative, creative, and stirring to say doesn’t hurt, but that comes with practice.

The Speaking of Wealth Team

Speaking of Wealth

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